Storm Pia: 80mph winds to disrupt UK travel around Christmas

The Met Office warns that power outages are possible; exposed roads may cause damage to high-sided vehicles, and coastal routes may be sprayed by high waves. The fiercest winds are anticipated in the north and northeast of Scotland.

Storm Pia, which could bring 80 mph gusts to areas of the UK, might delay Christmas travel.

On Thursday, the Met Office will issue a weather warning for high winds in the northern half of the country, potentially causing travel disruptions leading up to the holiday season.

The end time of a yellow wind advisory, initially issued on Monday, has been brought forward by three hours to 9 p.m., and the advisory impact level has been revised.

Forecasts for northern Scotland forecast 70–80 mph winds, with gusts of 65–70 mph on higher ground.

Storm Pia: Anticipated Weather Disruptions and Varied Conditions

Winds of 45–55 mph are possible in other regions of Scotland, Northern Ireland, North Wales, and England north of Birmingham, in addition to the upper half of East Anglia.

The agency reported that travel arrangements are likely to be disrupted due to the potential occurrence of power outages.

Coastal routes may experience spray from high seas, impacting high-sided vehicles traveling on exposed roads.

The low-pressure system has been designated Storm Pia by the Danish authorities. However, its magnitude in the United Kingdom did not meet the criteria for an official designation.

A spokesperson for the Met Office, Stephen Dixon, stated, “The wind warning area is quite expansive. Gusts are widely anticipated.”

In addition to the wind, the Met Office predicts rainfall, with additional precipitation anticipated on Friday.

Mr. Dixon predicted that snowfall might occur on Christmas Day, but only in the most northern regions of Scotland.

His prediction was a drier afternoon in the south of the UK after Christmas supper walks.

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