Women’s state pension age increase ‘due’ payouts

Reportedly, the government ought to “do the right thing” in compensating women born in the 1950s who were affected by the state pension age change.

It is recommended that females be granted a stipend ranging from £1,000 to £2,950.

As part of an investigation, the ombudsman has been examining potential inequities that may arise as a consequence of the decision to align the retirement age for women and men.

It was stated that the government had “obviously indicated it would not comply” with its proposed compensation.

The ombudsperson may suggest compensation but is not authorized to enforce it.

The PHSO, the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman, described as “unacceptable” the DWP’s refusal to comply.

The Department must be held accountable for its actions and must do the proper thing.

Women's state pension age increase 'due' payouts
The state pension eligibility age has been rising in tandem with the average life expectancy of the population and is presently 66 years old for men and women.

The escalations have generated considerable controversy. Protesters assert that unfair treatment of women born in the 1950s resulted from the manner in which swift changes were conveyed to those who were impacted.

A considerable number of individuals expressed surprise at the extended waiting period for their state pension and, as a consequence, endured both financial and emotional hardship.

Thousands of women may have been impacted by the DWP’s failure to adequately inform them that the State Pension age had changed, according to the PHSO.

The ombudsman has recommended a level four compensation recommendation, which denotes a substantial and enduring inequity that has, to some degree, impacted an individual’s capacity to lead a reasonably ordinary existence.

The DWP, however, is not in agreement.

“Based on what the DWP has disclosed throughout this investigation, we have substantial doubt that it will provide a remedy,” states the ombudsman’s report.

We are urgently seeking a remedy for the severe consequences of DWP maladministration and are therefore resorting to the uncommon but essential course of action of petitioning Parliament to intervene.

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