Gove confirms cooperation in Mone PPE scandal inquiry

It follows Baroness Mone’s allegation that she discussed PPE MedPro with the housing secretary throughout the pandemic.

Michael Gove has complied with an investigation by the National Crime Agency (NCA) into a company associated with Baroness Michelle Mone.

The minister expressed his desire to assist in the expeditious resolution of the investigation so that “justice may be served.”

It follows the admission of Baroness Mone, a peer designated by the Conservatives, regarding her association with PPE Medpro, a company that was awarded government contracts worth more than £200 million amidst the pandemic.

She is slated to receive a portion of the £60 million in profits that her spouse, Doug Barrowman, has placed into a trust.

However, she asserted that the government has used the two as “scapegoats” for its broader procurement failures of personal protective equipment (PPE) and that Mr. Gove was the minister to whom she suggested the firm in 2020.

Mr. Gove declined to comment on Baroness Mone’s allegations regarding the scandal when questioned on Tuesday. However, he did affirm his commitment to assist the NCA’s investigation.

Gove’s Response and Mone’s Rebuttal: PPE Scandal Controversy

Mr. Gove further stated, “Should there be any additional inquiries regarding the procurement of PPE, which I consider to be a solid track record for the government, I am pleased to contribute to the COVID investigation.”

Additionally, he stated that it was his “understanding” that Baroness Mone had withdrawn from the Conservative party.

Mone retaliates against the “mess” in government.

A representative of Baroness Mone has issued a rebuttal to Mr. Gove’s remarks.

According to them, it was “laughable” that he claimed the government had a “strong record” regarding PPE during the COVID-19 pandemic.

They said the Cabinet Office and DHSC bought five years of supplies. This occurred “when the mandate was only to accumulate four months.”

“At least £8.7 billion worth of PPE was subsequently written off at the expense of taxpayers,” they continued. They demanded that “those at the very top of government” be “held accountable for this mess.”

The DHSC sued PPE MedPro for not meeting standards for millions of gowns. Both Baroness Mone and Mr. Barrowman refute these allegations.

Due to legal proceedings, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak stated that he could not say “as much.” But insisted that the government was “extremely serious” about the matter.

Lady Mone Baroness has asserted Mr. Sunak was cognizant of her participation in PPE Medpro.

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