Can a quick head turn give me the perfect eyeliner flick?

Could an eccentric ‘head turn’ assist in the application of the ideal eyeliner wing?

Although I possess a reasonable level of proficiency in the art of cosmetics, I seem to erroneously fail to achieve a flawless eyeliner wing. Consequently, I am intrigued as to whether this will completely remove the laborious application from my control.

Simply place the applicator point (I’m using an eyeliner pen) on the outer corner of the eye, which is the customary location for creating the upward flick. The procedure is unbelievably straightforward. Then, while the pen is still slightly in contact with your epidermis, you abruptly turn your head away from the eyeliner. To muster the self-confidence necessary to complete the task at the same rate as those on TikTok, I convince myself by imagining I just caught a glimpse of Jason Momoa.

The Peculiar ‘Head Turn’ Technique

There has never been anyone whose mind has moved faster than that of an exorcist. An imperfection remains in the form of a slightly distorted line that extends from the periphery of my eye to my hairline. I attempt once more with a marginally lighter touch; this time, I eliminate Momoa from my thoughts and reduce the intensity of my head turn. Although I am experiencing slightly better fortune, it remains abysmal in comparison to my previous attempts—and it has not resulted in any time savings.

The verdict:

An enormous Hawaiian man is unable to evade this challenge. The initial step in performing a flick is to acquire an easy-to-use liquid liner; in my experience, Make Up by Mario’s is the most straightforward to apply. Unfortunately, the rest requires only practice and a dash of good fortune.

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