Universal Studios: What can a UK theme park offer?

Universal, which operates amusement sites in Singapore, Japan, China, Florida, and California, is contemplating adding Bedford, England, to its portfolio of European destinations.

The very thought of a Universal theme park opening in the United Kingdom has enthralled fans.

Industry news website Orlando Park Stop discovered financial records and public documents that suggested something was afoot. In response, the company issued a statement confirming the plans.

Similar to Sky, Universal Destinations & Experiences, owned by Comcast, announced that it had obtained land in Bedford and was “in the preliminary phases of investigating the viability of constructing a resort and theme park at this location.”

Consider the possibility that the following is in the works.

Why would Universal visit the United Kingdom?

The United Kingdom is capable of putting on a delightful summer, but its amusement sites are generally closed in the autumn and winter due to the lengthening nights and erratic weather.

However, attractions such as Legoland, Thorpe Park, Chessington, and Alton Towers continue to be well-liked, attracting millions of visitors annually and providing Britons with the ideal opportunity to partake in one of our preferred pastimes: waiting in lines.

The appeal of comparable attractions, such as the Harry Potter studio tour in Hertfordshire, further substantiates Universal’s interest in the United Kingdom.

Over 50% of the nation’s populace resides within a two-hour radius of the Bedford location. The area is conveniently accessible from Luton airport and is 45 minutes away from London.

Since the pandemic, Universal has been vigorously expanding, adding new attractions to its long-awaited destinations in the United States and Japan, as well as constructing an entirely new park in Beijing in 2021 and another in Florida in 2025.

What can we anticipate in light of its previous parks?

The first park of its kind in the UK is likely to be a Universal.

A variety of immersive dark attractions and high-speed outdoor roller coasters are typically found at these locations.

Beijing could be a good reference because more sites are protected from bad weather.

Both that park and the one in Japan exemplify Universal’s strategy of tailoring its attraction offerings to suit particular markets. The former is dominated by Kung-Fu Panda films, whereas the latter is devoted to Nintendo.

It raises the inquiry regarding which franchises and characters could potentially be adapted for the British market.

What exactly might we obtain?

Harry Potter’s British origins and popularity at Universal’s Hollywood, Florida, and Japan parks make it an obvious choice. However, the Hertfordshire tour may complicate matters.

Orlando Park Stop, the news source for the UK park, speculates that Paddington and James Bond might receive their own attractions (Universal did disseminate the previous 007 film, No Time to Die).

Universal may already own Lord of the Rings theme park rights, according to industry reports.

It could be a fitting home because Amazon is filming its second season in the UK.

Additionally, it may be prudent to consider the London Resort theme park endeavour in north Kent, which was initially proposed more than ten years ago but has yet to materialise.

That was promoted as the United Kingdom’s equivalent of Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood, featuring attractions inspired by British popular culture such as Doctor Who and Wallace and Gromit. Perhaps Universal could salvage the situation.

When can we expect its arrival?

Universal said “many months will pass before we are even able to consider proceeding,” let alone get approval and build.

Several pots are already in the fire at the studio.

Epic Universe, a 2025 Florida development, is anticipated to be the company’s largest theme park to date. Additionally, lesser locations are being developed for Texas and Las Vegas after that date.

The park’s size in the UK would delay building until the late 2020s or early 2030s.

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