Sony reveals slimmer PlayStation 5 with game-changing feature.

The PlayStation 5, the upcoming iteration of Sony’s console gaming line, has been officially introduced. It is a refined and simplified model.

Introducing the PS5 ‘Slim’

The recently released variant is smaller and lighter, has a detachable hard drive, and has one terabyte of storage.

Pricing and Availability

The PlayStation 5 ‘Slim’ will initially be released in the United States prior to its global expansion. In the United Kingdom, the price of the new model will be £479.99 ($499.99 in the United States). The Digital Edition, which excludes the disc drive, will be priced at £389.99 ($449.99 in the United States).

Sony reveals slimmer PlayStation 5 with game-changing feature.

Sleek Design and Transition Option

What’s more, you can get your hands on it quickly; everything you need to know is detailed below. The new generation is considerably more compact than its predecessor, with weight reductions of 18 or 24 percent, respectively, and a volume reduction of 30 percent.

Those who acquire the Digital Gaming edition will have the opportunity to convert to the standard edition by affixing the supplementary disc drive, which is priced at £99 in the United Kingdom and $79.99 in the United States.

Success of Sony

Sony has declared that this model will serve as a successor to its predecessor. Consequently, no further consoles of the previous iteration will be manufactured after they have been sold.

Senior Director of SIE Content Communications for Sony, Sid Shuman, stated in a blog post, “Once the current PlayStation 5 model is sold out, the new PS5 will be the only model available.


With the exception of the reduction in size, the console’s design is largely unchanged from previous iterations. Mr. Shuman further stated, “There are four distinct cover panels, the upper portion of which is glossy and the lower portion is matte.

The new consoles contain two USB-C ports with transparent slits, unlike the previous generation, which had one.

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