How to Play a Live Game: 99 math

99 math

How to play a Live game: 99 math 

The live game lets students play together in a video call or in the same classroom. It’s also the most interesting thing we’ve done. Start your game time with your kids with a Live game.

You can start a Live game about any of the themes that 99math has to offer. This guide will tell you more about the things you’ll be reading. You can also choose how long a live game lasts. It will always be 3 rounds and 30 seconds. It’s possible to set up anywhere from one to five rounds, and each round can last from ten seconds to two minutes.

How do I play a Live game?

To start a game, you always need players, so we suggest you play your first game with students! Other teachers have told us this is a great way for everyone to learn the platform simultaneously.

The main steps you need to take to play a live game are:

  • Make a live game about the subject you want to learn more about.
  • Give your kids the game code.
  • Students can join the game on their phone or tablet with the game code.
  • The game starts with you (the teacher).
  • The students are excited to play the game.
  • This is your turn to start the next round.

When the game is over, you, as the teacher, see how it went. The students see the outcomes.

You get a report on the game that tells you how each student did and the class’s general skill level.

Now that we have a better idea of how the whole thing works let’s get into more specifics.

As a teacher, you bring your children to the game.

You will get to the code screen after you have chosen your topic and set up the game to fit your needs perfectly. See our “Getting Started” guide if you need help before this step. Then come back when you get to this screen.

Student doesn’t need to have their accounts at 99math, so we use the idea of a game code. Every game has its unique code that students can use to play the game you made.

An easier way to share the game code is to show the students the code screen view over a video call or a projector in the classroom. This screen has all the information they need to join. You can write or read the directions out loud if this is impossible. You can see that the game code is 297401 in the picture above. To enter the code, students must go to

How do kids get into the Live game?

They use their device to open a browser and go to Then, they enter the game code you gave them. The next step is for them to enter a name. This can be the student’s first name, a nickname, or any other way you can remember them. The kid is now in the game and ready to play.

  • After getting into the game, students are told what it’s about and to wait for it to begin.
  • As a teacher, you can see every student as they play.
  • Beginning the game
  • You can click “Start game” to go to the pregame view once your students have joined and are ready to go.

Before the first round, you and the kids (if you are sharing your screen) will see this one last time. You will see the question, how long the game will last, and that each right answer is worth 10 points, and each wrong answer is worth 0 points. Ultimately, these points will show who scored best in the game. However, the teacher can also see who did well and who failed.

What a student sees during a round:

This shows how excited the kids are to do the math: It shows the round scores at the end of each round.

The teacher can see the top five players, and each student can see their own top five players based on their score. After seeing how each round went, the teacher starts the next one by clicking “Next round.” After the second 3-2-1 countdown, a new round of the game starts.

When the game was over

As the teacher, you see the Podium when the game is over, and you can celebrate with the class. You can see the top 5 people in the game on this screen. You can also look at what the whole class did wrong. We can keep the mistakes secret, so reviewing them together is great.

To see how they did, students can see how many points they earned and where they ranked in the top five.

Final remarks 

In just two weeks, students’ skills have grown by an average of 50%. The games are fun for kids of all math skill levels because doing math with friends is more fun! We’ve tweaked leaderboards, badges, and other game-like features to encourage kids to progress.

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