How to share UC in PUBG mobile?

The Importance of UC

The UC in PUBG Mobile serves as the game’s foundational asset. It grants you access to premium items, the Royale Pass, and other paid features. However, acquiring UC is solely possible through financial investment in the game.

Transferring UC to a Friend

We’ll guide you on transferring UC in PUBG Mobile if you have a friend in need. UC is the most valuable currency in PUBG Mobile, enabling you to purchase premium outfits and potentially gain an advantage over other players.

How to share UC in PUBG mobile?

The Game as a Form of Coercion

Hence, the game can be seen as a form of coercion, requiring payment. Playing without spending BP becomes futile, leading to restrictions unless you’re willing to invest in UC.

Options for Transferring UC

Currently, the possibility of directly transferring UC to a friend seems unlikely, and PUBG Mobile may not introduce this feature. Alternatively, you can purchase UC for your friend using the store’s payment information. For potential tax savings, you can use an external provider to complete the transaction. Simply search “how to buy UC” followed by your country’s name to find reliable sources.

Advantages of External Providers

Typically, their prices are lower than those in the in-game store, and all you need is a PayPal account, which is relatively easy to obtain. Make sure you have enough funds to purchase the UC and transfer it to your friend’s account.

Royale Pass Benefits

We strongly recommend obtaining the Royale Pass before anything else, as it guarantees a UC income for each mission completed and offers the option to repurchase it in the future, enabling you to continue buying items that aid your progression and provide benefits.

The Process of Transferring UC

Since this procedure doesn’t concern you, you need to acquire the player ID of the friend to whom you intend to send the UC. Once you have this information, simply enter it into the chosen web portal; no further steps are necessary. You’ll then need to decide on the payment method you wish to use. It’s worth noting that UC purchase platforms in PUBG Mobile are often more cost-effective than the Play Store due to the buying process.

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