Princess Diana’s spirit divides critics in Netflix’s The Crown

Although the first four episodes of the concluding season of Netflix’s The Crown have divided critics, the majority have deemed it unsatisfactory.

The Final Season Overview: Mixed Reviews

The regal drama’s sixth season chronicles the events of the late 1990s, including the demise of Princess Diana. The aftermath of her demise, including an appearance by “Ghost Diana” to Prince Charles and the Queen, is also detailed.

Formal Shortcomings and Criticisms

“In addition to its formal shortcomings, the late-period Crown is severely constrained by the fact that it was composed in the near past,” wrote Lucy Mangan. “Even if there were something to engage with, it would be impossible due to the memories and subsequent questions that flood the viewer’s mind at every stage.”

Critical Analysis of the Show’s Evolution

“It began to waver in the third season, completely lost its equilibrium in the subsequent two, and is now descending into the abyss,” continued Mangan. “This was in spite of the consistently outstanding performances delivered by the entire cast.”

The Unsettling Presence of Diana’s Ghost

The “Netflix jewel reaches a dead end” as “the peculiar ghost of Princess Diana” haunts the new season. The utilisation of Diana’s ghost “on the plane home from Paris to console a distraught Prince of Wales and on the sofa at Balmoral to offer the Queen some friendly PR advice” ultimately sounds “like desperate desperation on the part of writer Peter Morgan,” according to her two-star review.

Specific Critique on Sequences and Scenes

Singh additionally offered his critique of the car accident sequence, stating: “While the chaos of Diana and Dodi’s last day in Paris is effectively portrayed, there are no interior scenes within the Pont d’Alma tunnel. The transition from the crash sound to the phone ringing at Balmoral concludes the sequence.” The dialogue in which the news of Diana’s demise is conveyed has been entirely dubbed; the characters’ lips remain silent, and the emphasis is placed on their reactions.

Doubts on Aesthetic Choices

“Why would you do this? Should it be for aesthetic considerations, why does the camera record Harry’s perplexed expression as he utters ‘no’? Good taste would dictate that we use our imaginations to enact this scene.”

A Nostalgic but Predictable Turn

“It has remained a ‘joy to watch over the years, too often in these predictable last seasons… we could have written the story ourselves.”

Mixed Reviews on Diana’s Ghost

In an otherwise impactful and affecting opening four-episode suite, Carol Midgley remarked that Diana’s ghost “wasn’t the show’s finest hour” and was peculiarly self-defeating, despite receiving a four-star rating from The Times. However, the review continues by praising Elizabeth Debicki’s “outstanding” performance as Diana.

Characterization of Diana and Dodi’s Relationship

With an extraordinary degree of empathy and resemblance to Diana, she depicts the final eight weeks of her life with that of a slightly lost and lonely soul who winds up in various swimsuits amidst the extravagant Hello! magazine surroundings of Mohamed Al Fayed’s yacht. The flirtatious cocking of the head evidences this.

Insights into Diana and Dodi’s Relationship

Aramide Tinubu of Variety also comments on the relationship between Diana and Dodi, stating, “Morgan does not portray a whirlwind romance. Rather, he complicates it with familial duty and public scrutiny, depicting a tentative yet reassuring friendship.”

Positive Reviews and Emotional Depth

The new season, he continues, has assisted the programme in “reclaiming its glittering throne.” The new season is also lauded in Empire’s four-star review, which states: “This is The Crown at its most emotional ever, with a blend of weeping, real-life footage, and ‘ghosts’ to reacquaint viewers with the Princess’s loss. Regardless of one’s stance on the spirits, including Dodi and Diana, episode four continues to be a memorable hour that significantly elevates the entire season.

Detailed Depiction of Diana and Dodi’s Relationship and Tragic End

The new season details the media frenzy surrounding Diana and Dodi’s (Khalid Abdalla) relationship, culminating in the paparazzi pursuit that caused their car to collide in a Paris tunnel. On August 31, 1997, both individuals perished, in addition to the vehicle’s driver, Henri Paul, who, at the inquest, was deemed “grossly negligent” alongside the paparazzi.

Depiction of Immediate Aftermath and Royal Reactions

The series additionally depicts the immediate aftermath of the tragic automobile accident, encompassing the Queen’s and Al Fayed’s reactions and responses, as well as Prince William’s efforts to reintegrate into life at Eton subsequent to the demise of his mother.

Sensitivity in Handling Diana’s Death

Earlier this year at the Edinburgh Television Festival, producers declared that they had handled Diana’s death “sensitively.”

Critical Evaluation of Exploitative Elements

Judy Berman of Time magazine, on the other hand, described the new season as “weirdly audacious” due to its “exploitation of the mystery surrounding Diana’s final days and, regrettably, her imagined afterlife” in order to create manufactured poignancy. “Like the tragedy on which the show is preoccupied, it is an unprecedented catastrophe on an unprecedented scale.”

The Financial Times’ Perspective on the Series

In its three-star review, The Financial Times characterised those sequences as “evidently representative of a series devoid of originality; excessively content to externalise the intricacies of the royals’ bereavement and shock through sentimental shortcuts.”

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