Dwayne Johnson approached by ‘political parties’ for presidential run

A prior survey estimated that roughly half of the American population would support his presidential campaign, and ever since then, he has been confronted with inquiries regarding his readiness to pursue the highest office.

Once more, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has responded to “out-of-the-blue” requests from political parties to consider him for the presidency of the United States. He disclosed this information.

Celebrities and Political Aspirations

Johnson, one of the most recognisable and highly compensated actors in Hollywood, has previously stated that he would give serious consideration to running for president after a survey found that 46% of Americans would support his campaign.

He previously expressed interest in the position during interviews conducted in 2021 and 2017.

Wednesday found Johnson on Capitol Hill to discuss matters pertaining to military recruitment. He encountered Senators and the US Capitol Police.

“We spoke with a potential new recruit today… and we believe he will pass the fitness test,” the US Capitol Police tweeted.

Johnson stated on Trevor Noah’s Spotify podcast What Now? earlier this week. As a result of the survey, “the parties” reached out to him to inquire about his candidature at the conclusion of 2022.

He stated, “That was an extremely moving poll that took place, and I was quite moved by it.”

“I was truly awestruck and incredibly honoured. “At the end of the year in 2022, I received a visit from the parties inquiring whether or not I intended to run and whether or not I was capable of running.”

Johnson’s Thoughts on a Presidential Run

Additionally, Johnson commented on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: “It is absolutely insane, chaotic. “For the past few years, there has been much speculation regarding a potential presidential run, and it continues to be a surreal spectacle.”

He further stated that he would “certainly” contemplate running for president “in the future,” but he is currently a “proud girl dad” to his youngest child, who is five years old, out of his three.

Johnson stated that he has prior experience with “having a job that distracts me from being a father,” which is “the most important thing to me at this time.”

In a September 2020 video interview, the celebrity endorsed Joe Biden, describing him as a “political centrist and independent” who had previously voted for both the Democrats and the Republicans.

“Are you prepared to have another prime minister like Johnson?” He said this in allusion to the leader of the United Kingdom at the time. “Maybe Rock prime minister?”

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