According to his wife, Shane MacGowan is ‘out of hospital’

Victoria Mary Clarke, the spouse of Shane MacGowan, had previously expressed gratitude to mourners and published an article detailing her “terrifying fears of loss.”

Shane MacGowan, of The Pogues, is no longer hospitalized, according to his wife.

It is believed that the 65-year-old MacGowan has spent the past few months in intensive care following his diagnosis of viral encephalitis a year ago.

This is a critical condition characterized by inflammation of the brain, potentially fatal, and requires immediate hospitalization.

Expressing Thanks and Visitor Updates

His wife, the Irish journalist Victoria Mary Clarke, wrote on X, formerly Twitter, on Thursday: “Shane was discharged from the hospital!

“We express our profound and eternal gratitude to the entire faculty, personnel, and physicians at St Vincent’s; they are the best!

Additionally, Tom Creagh and Brian Corscadden deserve special recognition for their assistance.

Ms. Clarke had previously updated the public on the singer’s condition, stating that he was “significantly better.”

Last week, she also expressed gratitude to supporters by sharing an image of the Fairytale Of New York singer in a hospital bed.

She disclosed that Spider Stacy and Terry Woods, two of the singer’s cohorts, had recently paid him a visit.

Confronting Fears and Emotional Struggles

The 57-year-old also posted on Instagram this month about her “confronting terrifying fears of loss.”

She wrote, “Love is the most aesthetically pleasing and potent emotion a human being can undergo. But it can also be excruciatingly painful, particularly if one is terrified of losing a loved one or something else.”

She continued, “There are times when profound love confronts you with terrifying fears of loss that are so enormous and devastating that you cannot fathom how you will survive them, and you cannot imagine your life without the person you love.”

Recent Health Complications and Life Changes

The couple wed at Copenhagen City Hall in Denmark in 2018 following over 32 years of marriage.

Recently, the singer has encountered a number of health complications.

MacGowan, who fractured his sacrum in 2015, has been confined to a wheelchair ever since.

After an accident six years later, he sustained a knee fracture followed by ligament tears in his left leg.

His injury-related recovery was incomplete, and he declared in April that he “no longer has the ability to walk.”

Likewise, MacGowan has been candid regarding his struggle with addiction.

In 2015, he got a full dental implant treatment because decades of drinking and drug abuse had destroyed his teeth.

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