Man self-immolates outside Israeli embassy in DC

An American Air Force member is in critical condition after igniting a fire in the vicinity of the Israeli embassy in Washington.

The flames were extinguished by US Secret Service officers before the man was transported to the hospital on Sunday afternoon, where he sustained critical injuries.

Although the US Air Force has confirmed the involvement of an active-duty service member, his identity remains unknown.

The police, the Secret Service, and other authorities are investigating.

The individual identified himself and declared his military service in an Air Force post in a Twitch live stream video.

His words, “No longer complicit in genocide,” were recorded prior to his self-immolation, and he could be heard yelling “Free Palestine” as he burned.

Due to suspicions that the individual might have been associated with a suspicious vehicle, an explosive disposal unit was dispatched to the location.Man self-immolates outside Israeli embassy in DC

After no hazardous materials were found, it was deemed secure.

An embassy spokesperson stated that the incident did not result in any injuries to embassy personnel.

The Israeli foreign ministry stated that embassy personnel were unaware of the individual.

There has been a previous self-immolation in front of an Israeli diplomatic mission in the United States.

A demonstrator set themselves on fire in December in front of the Israeli consulate in Georgia, United States of America.

The police reported that the protester was fueled by paraffin, and a Palestinian flag was found at the location at that time.

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