I’m A Celebrity: Nella Rose calls Nigel Farage ‘anti-immigrants’

Nigel Farage was accused of displaying anti-immigration bias by Nella Rose on Wednesday’s episode of ITV’s I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!

While discussing his policies to reduce immigration, the former politician, according to the YouTuber, wanted individuals like her “gone” from the United Kingdom.

Rose reported reading online that Farage held an “anti-immigrant” viewpoint.

Additionally, she inquired as to why black individuals disliked him.

Farage’s Perspective and Disagreement with Rose

“You’d be amazed, they do,” said Farage, former leader of the UKIP and Brexit Party. In response, Rose inquired, “So everyone hates you for no apparent reason?”

Farage replied, “One may hold a differing viewpoint, but it is egregiously unjust to toss accusations about in the manner in which they have been tossed about.

“Is that anti-immigrant? Absolutely not; all I’ve said is that we cannot continue with the quantities that are approaching Britain.”

Rose confronted Farage in the camp’s ablution area regarding the “problem” with immigration, further stating that she was “one of those numbers” due to her childhood migration to the United Kingdom.

Farage, GB News host, said immigration was harming GP appointments.

Exchange on NHS and Differing Perspectives

Rose, who has one million Instagram and TikTok followers, responded, “Am I preventing you from scheduling a doctor’s appointment? You are unable to obtain an appointment due to insufficient funding within the NHS.

“I would wager anything that if every immigrant and person of immigrant descent left the United Kingdom, all of your doctors would be gone. The majority of your doctors are Asian, correct? Aren’t the majority of your nurses African women?

Your desire for our departure is all I could make of it.

After stating that Rose was not paying attention, Farage continued, “We can agree to disagree.”

Farage has been questioned regarding his political views on multiple occasions within the I’m A Celebrity compound.

Fred Sirieix, a star of First Dates, criticised him on Monday’s episode for the poster he used to advocate for the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union during the 2016 referendum.

Controversial Poster and Reactions

Sirieix described it as “horrendous” and further stated that Farage was “demonising migrants.”

Farage responded, “As you felt, it was; nevertheless, it was not.”

Additionally, Sirieix and Rose had a dispute earlier in the week following a dispute that transpired while he was cooking over the campfire.

He disclosed his poor vision to Nella as follows: “I am 51 years old. I am no longer 26 years old, correct? “I might even become your father.”

Rose, who had previously disclosed that she had lost both of her parents to him, stated that the remark made her feel “disrespected” and that she no longer wished to speak with Sirieix, notwithstanding his subsequent apology.

This year’s programme had fewer viewers than last year, but two new participants should assist.

On Wednesday evening, it was announced that retired professional boxer Tony Bellew and jockey Frankie Dettori would be arriving late to the performance.

6.18 million people watched it, including live viewers and some online streamers.

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