Vodafone back after 7-hour outage, frustrating thousands of Britons

Vodafone is back online after a seven-hour disruption that inconvenienced thousands of dissatisfied Britons.

According to Down Detector, issues began around 06:20 GMT, impacting users across the United Kingdom.

Vodafone confirmed resolution at 13:56 GMT, over seven hours later, stating, “We can confirm that the network issue some customers encountered this morning has been resolved, and normal service has resumed.”

Sincere apologies for the inconvenience.

Down Detector recorded over 3,000 issues during the disruption’s peak.

56% reported mobile internet difficulties, 36% attributed the issue to their mobile device, and 5% reported wireline internet problems.

Down Detector gathers updates from various sources, including social media and website-submitted reports.

User Frustrations during Vodafone Outage

The ‘heat map’ of user-submitted problem reports showed most affected consumers in London, Birmingham, and Manchester, despite reports from all over the country.

Dissatisfied users shared their concerns on X (previously Twitter).

“Is Vodafone unavailable to anyone?” wrote one user. Another tweeted, “Vodafone in London is offline!!!”

“I am unable to establish a connection and must rely on my WiFi. Does anyone else have this problem?” remarked one user.

Despite users tagging Vodafone to determine the issue, the company did not acknowledge the outage on X. It suggested checking the network status on its website in response to one user.

Users were unimpressed, with one responding, “That is completely pointless; I’ve already attempted it, and it falsely claims there are no network issues in my vicinity. My data is non-functional, and I can only use my phone over WiFi; it’s a complete joke!”

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