Hairy Bikers’ last photo together, relaxing

A photograph captured the two individuals nestled on a sofa, ready to watch the premiere of their latest cooking and travel series.

It is believed that a photograph showing the two seated together on a sofa, depicting the Hairy Bikers, was taken shortly before Dave Myers’ passing.

On Wednesday, Myers died “peacefully at home,” two years after revealing he was undergoing treatment for cancer and had been diagnosed with the disease.

He was 66 at the time of his death.

Myers’ wife tweeted one of the last photos of the cooking duo riding a motorbike three weeks before his death.

“Our boys,” Liliana Myers wrote on Facebook, adding, “Ready to watch the first leg of their journey!!!”

In another image, Myers and King were seen posing and gesturing in front of the television.

Mrs. Myers had previously stated that it was the pair’s first time watching one of their programmes together.

In a statement released on Thursday, King mourned the loss of his co-star Myers. He said he would “miss him every day and be forever thankful for the bond and friendship we shared for fifty years.”Hairy Bikers' last photo together, relaxing

Mrs. Myers later used social media to pay tribute to her “wonderful, brave” husband.

“Rest in peace, my love,” she wrote. “My wonderful, brave man. Until we meet again!”

Myers and King first met in 1995 on The Gambling Man, a television drama series.

They did not appear on television together until 2004, in the culinary and travel programme The Hairy Bikers’ Cookbook.

Hairy Bikers created 31 food episodes over their careers and nearly three decades of friendship, according to their website.
They also published over twenty-five cookbooks.

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