TikTok video exposes Saltburn mansion to fans, influencers

Aided by a viral video that specifies its location, Drayton House in Lowick, Northamptonshire, has become a must-see for enthusiasts of the ultra-wealthy satire Saltburn.

The proprietor of the country estate featured in the film, Saltburn, has described the influx of admirers as “odd” and stated that he would “prefer the attention to dissipate.”

Charles Stopford Sackville, aged 63, resides in Emerald Fennell’s grim satire on the ultra-wealthy, Drayton House, a mediaeval mansion at its core.

In the past, it was referred to as “one of the best-kept secrets of the English country house world,” this Grade I-listed stately residence situated in the Northamptonshire village of Lowick.

However, it becomes apparent that concealing a 127-room, 200-acre mansion featuring turrets is quite challenging, particularly when it is the setting for a blockbuster film.

According to Mr. Stopford Sackville, “over fifty” individuals have exited the public pathway and unlawfully entered the premises of the renowned residence, where they are capturing footage and photographs.

As a consequence, his staff has been conducting estate patrols, he said.

Currently, the TikTok video that provides precise directions to the property gates has been viewed in excess of 3.3 million times.

Mr. Stopford Sackville lamented, “I had not anticipated the magnitude of the accrued interest.” It is quite peculiar.

“I do not find that to be flattering. How would you feel if photographs were being taken outside your residence? Although I wish the interest would dissipate, I am unable to induce it to do so.TikTok video exposes Saltburn mansion to fans, influencers

While the majority of individuals possess a reasonable level of curiosity, a few become exceedingly curious, to put it another way.

Saltburn Film Sparks Controversy

According to Mr. Stopford Sackville, the filmmakers compensated him handsomely for the use of their residence. Additionally, production designer Suzie Davies has stated in previous interviews that she was granted unrestricted authority to modify specific rooms for the film.

Nevertheless, the agreement among the actors to refrain from discussing the filming location was promptly nullified subsequent to Tatler magazine’s disclosure of the country home’s name and address last year.

It has been called a contemporary Brideshead Revisited. Fennell’s film examines class, authority, and sex.

It stars Barry Keoghan as a first-year student at Oxford University who spends the summer at his family pile with his privileged fellow student Jacob Elordi after becoming fascinated with him. Richard E. Grant and Rosamund Pike portray Elordi’s extremely wealthy parents.

Also certain explicit sequences from the film, including those depicting death, nudity, and sex, have gained significant traction on social media. This has not only increased the film’s overall popularity but also propelled the song “Murder On The Dancefloor,” which is showcased in the film’s full-frontal final scene, back into the top ten positions 23 years after its initial release.

Saltburn, a “Marmite film,” has so divided its audience. It received five BAFTA nominations at the awards ceremony on February 18 but was completely disregarded by the Oscars, which are scheduled for the following month.

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