Where to go in 2023: The Top Travel Spots


The desire to travel is at an all-time high as the height of the summer vacation season approaches, and the world finally begins to recover from the pandemic.

According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization, the number of foreign tourists who traveled in the first three months of 2023 was an estimated 235 million, 80% of the number of tourists who traveled in the same period before the epidemic. In addition, experts are cautiously hopeful about the future of the tourism industry.

Due to overwhelming demand, popular vacation spots often sell out early in the year.

There’s still much of the world to explore, which is great news.

Why Now Is the Time to Book Your Dream Vacation in Poland, According to a Travel Professional

Poland is ripe for exploration, from the picture-perfect main square of Krakow to its many woods, lakes, and mountains.

Hotel Verte, a new Autograph Collection resort in Warsaw (housed in a massive Baroque palace), opened its glittering doors in August. But staying at a palace-worthy hotel isn’t why you should travel to Poland in 2023. The goal is to express unity with a nation similarly stood by the Ukrainian people.

Due to its proximity to Ukraine (a country it shares a border with for more than 300 miles), Poland has taken in more Ukrainian refugees than any other country. Things start to look grim when you include falling tourist numbers (albeit they’re on the upswing again).

This is your chance to do some good while having a vacation, so book that trip to that palace in Warsaw, explore the vibrant cities of Krakow, Gdansk, and Wroclaw, and retreat to the quiet of Poland’s lakes, mountains, and forests. Western Australia’s Own Julia Buckley

Exmouth, Western Australia

 It will be the site of a total solar eclipse in April. The scenery also merits a close examination.

Back in April, as a rare total solar eclipse was visible over the northwest coast of Australia, hundreds of people flocked to the town of Exmouth and the greater Ningaloo Peninsula.

There were musical events, educational opportunities to learn about science and astronomy, and a three-day celebration, all of which took more than a year to prepare.

However, Western Australia has much more to offer than just awe-inspiring sights for 60 seconds.

It encompasses one-third of Australia’s landmass, from the bustling state capital of Perth to the wine country of Margaret River, the stunning clifftops of the Kimberley, and the quokka-covered Rottnest Island. Lilit Marcus

The English city of Liverpool

Liverpool, the port city of England, is well known worldwide as the birthplace of The Beatles.

The city will welcome thousands of flag-waving fans from around Europe since it will host Eurovision 2023, a glittering singing festival. 

More than thirty-five artists and collectives will take over locations in the city beginning in June for the Liverpool Biennial Contemporary Visual Arts Festival, which will run through September.

In 2023, England will celebrate the Year of the Coast with events like food festivals and beach cleanups. Crosby Beach, a half-hour train ride from Liverpool’s city center, is home to Antony Gormley’s “Another Place,” a permanent installation of one hundred cast-iron figures staring out to sea. This is Maureen O’Hare, by the way.

The Holy City of Charleston, SC

Charleston, a city of indisputable sophisticated historic beauty, is also examining its complicated history. perhaps, Charleston is a city that celebrates its history like no other in the United States, yet the city has often ignored the contributions of its Black citizens. It has been making efforts to address the issue.

The long-awaited International African American Museum will finally open in late June.

It will examine the experiences of enslaved Africans and their descendants and is located on the 

Cooper River waterfront, where many Africans first set foot in North America.

The world-famous Spoleto Festival takes place in late May and early June, featuring opera, theater, dance, music, and artist lectures.In March, attendees of the Charleston Wine and Food Festival were looking forward to sampling regional specialties from the Lowcountry.

Mexicali, Oaxaca

In her CNN series “Searching for Mexico,” Eva Longoria delves into the country’s diverse gastronomic traditions, arguably just as important as the country’s Mesoamerican archaeological riches.

Longoria travels to the state of Oaxaca, known for its rich gastronomic history. And most of the mezcal in the world comes from the state of Oaxaca.

Oaxacan pizzas, or tlayudas, are a popular street snack in the region. Typical fillings for a hefty corn tortilla include lard, beans, traditional Oaxacan cheese, meat, and occasionally other ingredients like avocado and tomato. The state’s seven-mole sauces are legendary, and their recipes can have as many as a dozen different components, ranging from chilies and sesame seeds to chocolate and dried fruit.

In addition to dried chiles, fresh food, handicrafts, and crispy grasshoppers, Mercado Benito Juรกrez in Oaxaca is only one of the numerous markets throughout the state.

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