A thick fog covers New Delhi, disrupting travel

Delays are occurring for some aircraft lacking the appropriate navigation systems to deal with the weather. The Indian weather department has issued a health advisory for the population of New Delhi.

This morning, “extremely dense fog” is causing travel disruptions in New Delhi.

The capital city of India is shrouded in dense fog, reducing visibility to less than 50 meters in certain regions.

At least thirty flights to and from Delhi Airport have been delayed, according to ANI. This is due to the mist that has enveloped the roadways.

Additionally, fourteen trains traveling along routes in northern India have reportedly been impacted, according to ANI.

Aircraft that fly long distances lack CAT III navigation equipment, which let pilots land safely in bad visibility.

“An airport spokesperson on X stated, ‘While landings and takeoffs proceed at Delhi Airport, flights that do not comply with CAT III may be impacted.'”

Flight Warnings and Health Concerns Amid New Delhi’s Dense Fog

Passengers were also cautioned by airlines such as India’s SpiceJet that New Delhi departures and arrivals might be impacted.

Passengers were advised by the low-cost airline to monitor flight updates through its website.

The weather department of India predicts that the “extremely dense fog,” accompanied by temperatures of approximately 9 degrees Celsius, may persist in certain areas of the city until Wednesday.

Because it contains particulate matter and other pollutants, the “dense fog” may have an effect on the health of the city’s twenty million inhabitants, the report continued.

New Delhi’s Central Pollution Control Board declared the air quality index “very poor” at 376 on Tuesday morning. “Good” levels are defined as those ranging from 0 to 50.

Similar conditions were reported in other regions of northern India on Tuesday morning, including the states of Punjab and Uttar Pradesh, with temperatures varying from 6 to 10 degrees Celsius in the majority of locations, according to the weather department.

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