Thrown object hits Florence Pugh during Dune

Actress Florence Pugh was struck in the face by a hurled object on Sunday while attending a Comic Con event in Brazil.

She was seen on stage promoting her most recent film, Dune: Part Two, alongside co-stars Timothรฉe Chalamet, Zendaya, and Austin Butler, according to the footage.

A projectile was directed towards her while performing, seemingly from the audience.

The Oscar-nominated actress, aged 27, sustained an injury to her right eye.

At the event in Sรฃo Paulo earlier that evening, Pugh told the audience that her appearance in the sequel to the critically acclaimed science fiction film felt “absolutely, absolutely extraordinary.”

The anticipated release date for the film is March 2024.

Pugh joins a short list of public figures struck by objects hurled by spectators during performances.

Harry Styles was also struck in the eye with a confection during a performance in Austria earlier this year. While performing at BST Hyde Park, Pink appeared apprehensive when a sack of human ashes was thrown onstage.

During a July performance in Las Vegas, Adele commented on students tossing objects onto the stage.

In a viral video showing herself wielding a T-shirt pistol, she said “show etiquette” had been forgotten.

“Would you dare to throw something at me?” she joked with profanity.

Dr. Lucy Bennett’s Insights on Fan Behavior

When a phone hit her during a New York performance in June, Bebe Rexha collapsed.

She was transported to the hospital, where she was treated with stitches above her left eye.

The individual in custody on suspicion of the incident stated that he found it “humorous.”

Cardi B resorted to self-immolation in August after she received a drink being hurled at her during a performance in Las Vegas.

In response, the 30-year-old concertgoer was pelted with her microphone from the stage.

In June, Dr Lucy Bennett, a Cardiff University lecturer who studies the relationship between fans and their favourite singers, said that since the Covid pandemic, “when we couldn’t be physically present at concerts,” people’s attitudes may have altered.

She speculated that some individuals may be attempting to attract the interest of celebrities. This is due to the increased difficulty in being discovered by artists on social media.

“If you’re tossing something near them, you’ll be noticed,” according to her.

According to his wife, Shane MacGowan is โ€˜out of hospitalโ€™

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