Storm knocks off power on Norwegian cruise ship near North Sea

Danish authorities reported that all 266 passengers and 131 crew members of the MS Maud were secure, and two tow vessels from a civil rescue firm were assisting in maintaining its stability.

According to Danish authorities, a Norwegian cruise ship has been rendered powerless in the North Sea. This is due to windows on its superstructure being shattered by hurricane-force winds and a rogue wave.

The safety of all 266 passengers and 131 crew members of the MS Maud was confirmed to Reuters by a representative of the Danish Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (DJRC).

Two tow vessels from a civil rescue company were assisting in maintaining its stability, they added.

“By sailing upwind, they are able to navigate the storm in a composed manner,” the spokesperson explained.

Thursday marked the vessel’s departure from Floroe, Norway, and Friday marked its arrival in Tilbury, United Kingdom.

The vessel encountered water ingress onto its superstructure approximately 205 miles (330 km) east of the east coast of the United Kingdom and 120 miles (200 km) off the west coast of Denmark, both contributing to a power failure.

However, the primary engine remained operational, enabling manual steering of the vessel from the engine room.

MS Maud Incident and Recent Cruise Ship Challenges

According to information retrieved on Friday from the maritime traffic website, MS Maud had hardly moved since Thursday evening.

HX, the cruise operator, reported “a temporary loss of power,” but all crew and passengers were safe on Thursday.

The next course of action for the vessel remained uncertain.

Approximately one hundred passengers were injured when a cruise ship became entangled in a tempest in the Bay of Biscay last month.

As the Spirit of Discovery approached the conclusion of a round-trip of fourteen nights to the Canary Islands. It was confronted with severe weather, which included at least 9-meter-tall seas.

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