Martin Lewis reveals ‘no brainer’ tip to save £50 on energy

A ‘no-brainer’ suggestion to assist households in reducing their energy expenses has been disclosed by Martin Lewis.

The 51-year-old money-saving expert addressed energy bills in the final episode of his ITV live program series yesterday evening.

While addressing the audience, Martin disclosed some “major developments” that will be available for public consumption beginning this week.

He explained that the E.on Next Pledge Tariff, which is available to new and existing dual-fuel and electricity-only customers who pay via direct debit, is three percent less expensive than the current price limit.

Martin explained, “It’s not the greatest energy savings in the world. But I am permitted to say it’s an easy deal that many people can obtain to save money.”

The money-saving specialist said most households employ Ofgem’s pricing cap.

However, by selecting the E.on Next Pledge Tariff, customers can track Ofgem at a three percent discount, ensuring a financial savings guarantee.

Although the tariff is not fixed, it will, on average, remain 3 percent below the average price limit. This equates to annual savings of approximately £50.

Martin Lewis Reveals 3% Energy Tariff Discount

Martin said a price limit subscriber would pay 28.6p per kWh for petrol, compared to 27.6p under the Pledge Tariff.

Similarly, the cost per kilowatt-hour of petrol is 7.42 pence, as opposed to 7.2 pence under the Pledge Tariff.

Martin stated, “If you’re the type of person who places a premium on price and is content to go to E.on Next, this is an easy three percent savings over the next year.”

“It should come as no surprise,” he further stated.

The expert on economizing stated that the extent of savings is contingent upon regional and usage patterns. To benefit from the protection, a smart meter is required.

Martin Lewis Unveils Energy-Saving Tip

Martin said early termination of dual fuel contracts costs £50 and electricity contracts £25 for the one-year promise pricing.

After Martin revealed that millions of Brits may be due thousands in refunds and bereavement benefits, this happens.

The money-saving expert discussed reclaiming payments on ITV’s The Martin Lewis Money Show Live from Manchester last week.

Reclaiming PPI and obtaining cash back on overpaid student loans and bereavement payments were among the topics he discussed.

Martin stated at the outset of the program, “Anyone who graduated or dropped out of college within the last ten to fifteen years could be among the millions of individuals who have overpaid their student loans and could easily recoup the funds.”

“There is a deadline that is quickly approaching for unmarried individuals who have lost a partner since 2001 to apply for bereavement support, the amount of which could reach tens of thousands of pounds.”

He further inquired, “Is PPI regaining?” The doors may be open for you to reclaim any loans, credit card balances, or other debts that you may have accumulated within the last decade.

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