Police search for missing sailor since 1986 in Gibraltar

  • Gibraltar parking garage search
  • Simon Parkes disappearance in 1986
  • Allan Grimson’s unrelated convictions

Simon Parkes, a Bristol native, disappeared in December 1986 while serving aboard the HMS Illustrious in Gibraltar.

Detectives, prompted by new information, are currently searching a Gibraltar parking garage in connection with the Royal Navy seaman’s disappearance over three decades ago.

Parkes, last seen during HMS Illustrious’ mooring in Gibraltar, was previously linked to the life sentence of serial murderer Allan Grimson, convicted of murdering two men while serving on the same aircraft carrier.

Hampshire Constabulary, with Royal Police, is conducting ongoing investigations. Excavation work in August 2023 revealed no evidence but identified a potential area of interest.

The joint effort involves specially trained search officers from the police and military, including the Ministry of Defence. Despite extensive searches, Parkes’ whereabouts remain unknown, causing distress to his parents.

Grimson, convicted of unrelated murders, consistently denies involvement in Parkes’ disappearance.

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