Israeli forces strike Syria and Lebanon

Israel has attacked locations in Syria and Lebanon as part of its diplomacy against opposing military forces and militaries.

“The [Israeli army] attacked Syrian Army military infrastructure,” the Israeli military wrote on Tuesday via the social media platform X.

“Hezbollah terrorist infrastructure in Lebanon was also targeted by [Israeli military] fighter jets,” the statement continued, promising that “operations would continue against any threat to Israeli sovereignty.”

Since its war on Gaza began on October 7, the Israeli military has been involved in cross-border combat with Hezbollah and has conducted multiple airstrikes on Syria, sparking concerns that the conflict may extend beyond Gaza.

The most recent attacks transpired from Monday to Tuesday, precipitating an escalation in hostilities between Israel and its neighbours. Israel claims that these neighbours have ties to its adversary, Iran.

Israeli Attacks Near Golan Heights Escalate Regional Tensions

On Tuesday, SANA claimed that Israeli predawn attacks began in the Golan Heights.

According to SANA, the air raids targeted “a number of sites in the countryside surrounding Damascus.” An unidentified military source stated that only “material damage” had been inflicted.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a British-based conflict monitor, a targeted location near the town of Kanaker was occupied by Hezbollah members from Lebanon, according to AFP.

On Tuesday, the Israeli military reported that portions of the southern Lebanese city of Yaroun were targeted by gunfire. This followed Hezbollah’s declaration that it had fired upon Israeli units near the northern Israeli village of Sarit.

Iranian ties

“Israel is presently confronted with fighters stationed in multiple countries across the region, who are primarily supported by Iran,” Al Jazeera’s Sara Khairat reported on Tuesday from Tel Aviv.

Syria and Iran are regional allies; throughout the Syrian civil conflict, President Bashar al-Assad has been steadfastly supported by Tehran. Hezbollah, sponsored by Iran, has developed into a formidable “state within a state” in Lebanon since its inception in 1982. Hezbollah also provides support to Hamas in Gaza.

Khairat stated, “Of course, the greatest threat thus far has been Hezbollah, an Iranian-backed organisation in Lebanon, which has been firing daily.” “This simply proves that these assaults will continue despite [Israel’s] ongoing conflict in Gaza.

“Among members of the [Israeli] military, there has undoubtedly been a call to refocus their efforts, particularly along the northern border,” our correspondent further stated. “Israel has even threatened to resort to military action against Lebanon if diplomatic efforts fail.”

Israeli Airstrikes in Syria Heighten Regional Tensions

The attacks on Tuesday follow a December Israeli airstrike near Aleppo. The Syrian Ministry of Defence reports that the mission resulted in some tangible destruction.

Israel has conducted hundreds of airstrikes on Syrian territory. They targeted both Hezbollah and Syrian military installations since the start of the Syrian civil conflict. Israel has maintained a steadfast stance against any expansion of Iran’s military influence in Syria.

An Israeli attack outside Damascus killed Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) senior adviser Razi Moussavi in December. Moussavi was tasked with the coordination of the military alliance between Iran and Syria.

Mousavi was reportedly a member of the entourage that accompanied IRGC General Qassem Soleimani to Baghdad airport on the day he was slain by an American drone strike, according to reports from Iran’s news agency INRA. This incident occurred nearly four years ago.

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