Israel enters Eurovision after changing contentious lyrics

The lyrics of the Israeli anthem October Rain had generated suspicion that they alluded to the October 7 Hamas attacks.

Organizers have announced that Israel will be permitted to compete in this year’s Eurovision Composition Contest after amending the lyrics of its composition.

Eden Golan is scheduled to represent Israel at the competition in Sweden. However, her initial composition, “October Rain,” has generated considerable controversy due to speculation that it alludes to the October 7 Hamas assaults.

Evident allusions to the victims of Hamas’ murder were made in lyrics such as “There is no air left to breathe” and “They were all good children, each one of them.”

As a non-political event, Eurovision has the authority to disqualify contestants who are found to have violated this stipulation.

Due to the conflict in Gaza, European broadcasters have been under pressure to boycott Israel’s participation in the competition.

Following an intervention by the president of Israel, Isaac Herzog, Israel’s public broadcaster Kan assented to the modification of the lyrics, which it had initially declined to alter.

Israel enters Eurovision after changing contentious lyrics

The revised title of the tune is Hurricane.

This most recent development follows two Belgian ministers’ demands that Israel be barred from participating in the May elections during the Gaza conflict as a retaliatory action against Palestinian civilians.

Culture Minister Benjamin Dalle stated on X that Israel should be barred from competitions and Eurovision in the same way that Russia was expelled for its invasion of Ukraine until it ceases its flagrant violations of international law, which are claiming the lives of thousands of people, especially children.

Israeli officials assert that they are the target of a disinformation campaign in relation to their efforts to expel Hamas militants from Gaza.

There is concern that a catastrophe could claim the lives of tens of thousands of Palestinians, of which it is estimated that Israeli assaults on Gaza have claimed the lives of over 30,000 since October 7.

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