Former ambassador warns Trump’s second term worse for UK

A former United States ambassador stated that a victory for Donald Trump would “significantly weaken the alliance and the international system.” Sir Nigel Sheinwald stated that the threats made by Donald Trump regarding Ukraine posed a grave threat to international security.

A former British ambassador to the United States has stated that Donald Trump’s re-election to the White House would be “even more challenging than his first.”

Sir Nigel Sheinwald, who served in Washington from 2007 to 2012, warned that if Trump “catches the second wind of re-election,” the world will witness a “supercharged Trump.”

Early this week, President Joe Biden stated that his potential opponent is “willing to sacrifice democracy” in support of Mr. Trump’s appeal of Colorado’s ballot exclusion based on the January 6 Capitol riots.

As polls indicate that Mr Trump may be the frontrunner to win the November election, Sir Nigel stated that the international community is “aghast” at his candidacy, which would significantly affect the United Kingdom.

The first term was terrible enough for the alliance, but he said the United Kingdom disregarded the significance of NATO, humiliating the United Kingdom.

However, the years that have passed indicate that this will be a sequel, and sequels are frequently inferior to the original films.

Consequently, he will serve a second term as president unrestricted. The United States will be the epicenter of vengeful activity.

“Moreover, we must consider his threats regarding Ukraine and defunding Ukraine about NATO seriouslyโ€ฆ “not investing the necessary funds to keep the enterprise operational.”

“Relationship in the UK caught in a cold blast”

Recent polling by Suffolk University and USA Today indicates that Mr. Trump has surpassed Mr. Biden among voters under 35 and has gained ground among Latino voters.

In the interim, multiple polls place Mr Trump, the overwhelming favourite to win the Republican nomination, at least 30 percentage points clear of his closest competitors, despite his former vice president advocating for an alternative candidate.

According to Sir Nigel, if he proceeds to that extent, nations’ primary obstacle when attempting to negotiate with the United States under Mr. Trump is the “huge personal vanity” and “unpredictability” that permeate every decision.

In particular, his rapport with the United Kingdom was “fundamentally different” from that of any president since the Second World War, he added, regarding crucial allies.

According to him, the United Kingdom is the nation most significantly impacted when the United States is in difficulty or weaker.

Long having been aligned with the United States, he stated, “We get caught in the cold blast of that America’s inability to project its influence as it would like to.”

He added, “Undoubtedly, this will significantly undermine the alliance and the international system.”

The ‘chaos emissary’ is Donald Trump

Christiane Amanpour, the chief international anchor of CNN, reiterated Sir Nigel’s warning regarding the repercussions of Mr. Trump’s victory.

It is imperative that individuals recognize that Donald Trump, in his capacity as president, operated as an agent of disorder on a global scale. She stated, “We don’t just think he likes dictators; he does as well.”

“He is fond of Vladimir Putin.” The defeat of Vladimir Putin in Ukraine would completely dismantle the order established after World War II.

She added that if Mr Trump obtains the presidency, he will be “untrammelled” and cautioned that some of his rhetoric has been “Nazi talk.”

She stated that he went so far as to declare, “I will be a dictator for the very first day” and “I will have my justice department pursue all my enemies.” “I am your retribution” is a phrase that lacks definition.

“With regard to immigrants, he asserted that they contaminate the American bloodstream. This is extremely hazardous Nazi rhetoric, and he has already declared his intentions.

“Although some now assert, ‘Your fears are merely those of deranged liberals,’ others contend, ‘He is a proven, genuine, and immediate danger not only to us but to global democracy as a whole.'”

Furthermore, it is worth noting that the 14th Amendment explicitly prohibits any state or federal official who has participated in an uprising from assuming or maintaining office in the future.

In the past, Mr. Trump dismissed criticism of his remarks by stating, “I have never perused Mein Kampf, Hitler’s manifesto.”

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