160 whales stranded; dozens perish in Western Australia

Wildlife officers, marine scientists, and veterinarians labored desperately to save the pilot whales in the presence of marine wildlife specialists.

After several pods of whales washed ashore on a shoreline along the Western Australian coast, dozens of whales perished.

Wildlife officers, marine scientists, and veterinarians labored feverishly to save the pilot whales that became stranded in shallow waters at Toby Inlet in Geographe Bay on Thursday.

Four pods of up to 160 pilot whales are dispersed along the shoreline for approximately 500 meters near the town of Dunsborough, in a tourist-friendly area.

31 of the more than 100 that perished at sea returned to the ocean, according to one researcher.

About two hundred were discovered along the beach here and in the vicinity; I believe thirty-one of them were dead; the remainder escaped, which is an incredible tale,” Ian Wiese told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.160 whales stranded; dozens perish in Western Australia

“At the time of my arrival, approximately 160 individuals were submerged, with others on the shoreline. A few hundred individuals accompanied the whales, their objective being to provide solace and ensure that their heads were above the water to enable respiration.

Mr. Wiese stated that approximately an hour later, those who were still alive in the water abruptly departed and set sail.

They might decide to return to shore on a nearby beach or another location; such is a common occurrence, but he added that they are optimistic that this would not be the case.

The rescue was verified by the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation, and Attractions.

It stated in its most recent Facebook update that twenty-eight whales that had become stranded on the shore had perished.

The post stated that a spotter aircraft had been searching the sky for the pod that swam out to sea.

Thankfully, no additional sightings of the pod have been reported since this afternoon.

During daylight hours, the observer aircraft will maintain surveillance of the area; however, we expect that the pod will not re-establish itself in the shallower water.

A total of fifty-one pilot whales perished in July of the previous year after washing ashore on Cheynes Beach.

1996 marked the greatest whale stranding in the state’s history at Dunsborough, where 320 pilot whales were entangled in a mass stranding.

As per the University of Western Australia, pilot whales are renowned for their strong social connections; therefore, when one encounters challenges and becomes stranded, the others frequently follow suit.

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