Al Jazeera cameraman dies in Gaza missile strike

The chief correspondent of the channel was transported to the hospital. Al Jazeera said that a cameraman who was hurt died after rescuers couldn’t find him.

According to Al Jazeera, a cameraman injured in a missile strike against Gaza has passed away.

Two Qatari-based television journalists were injured in the explosion in southern Gaza, the network reported earlier today.

Al Jazeera reports that cameraman Samer Abu Daqqa has passed away from his injuries.

A drone missile hit a school-turned-shelter in Khan Younis, injuring main journalist Wael al Dahdouh.

The attack caused shrapnel to strike Mr. Dahdouh in the right arm. Later, he was transported to Nasser Hospital for treatment, the channel reports.

Mr. Daqqa also sustained shrapnel wounds, and paramedics had difficulty reaching him, according to another Al Jazeera journalist, Hani Mahmoud.

Al Jazeera Mourns Loss of Cameraman in Gaza Conflict

Al Jazeera issued the following statement in remembrance of Mr. Daqqa: “We regret to inform you that Samer Abu Dakka, a devoted cameraman for Al Jazeera, was misplaced during our recent reporting in Gaza. The news reaches us with heavy emotions.

“His steadfast dedication to veracity and narrative construction has made a lasting impact on our group.”

“Samer, whose lens captured the unfiltered and raw reality of life in Gaza, understood the power of visual storytelling and was not only a skilled professional but also a compassionate individual.”

“His audacity in confronting hardship granted global audiences access to the undisclosed narratives of a region contending with intricate predicaments.”

“Our cameraman, in his endeavour to uncover the truth, confronted significant dangers to impart to the audience a more profound comprehension of the human condition in Gaza.”

His perspective enhanced important storylines by revealing conflict victims’ lives.

An apparent Israeli airstrike claimed the lives of Mr. Dahdouh’s wife, 15-year-old son, seven-year-old daughter, and grandson. This incident occurred one and a half months before the release of the news.

According to reports, his family was seeking refuge in the Nuseirat camp in the heart of Gaza when Israeli forces attacked their residence.

Urgent Call for Evacuation Amidst Journalists’ Safety Concerns

Mohamed Moawad, the managing editor of Al Jazeera, issued the following statement on X, formerly Twitter: “We urge humanitarian organizations, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), and the international journalistic community to coordinate the evacuation of our injured journalist who is trapped in a school as soon as possible.

Due to the urgency, we must act now to protect our coworkers!

The International Federation of Journalists, upon learning of the assault, expressed “deep shock” and continued, “We condemn the attack and reaffirm our demand that the lives of journalists be protected.”

As of 7 October, the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) has compiled data. This data indicates the deaths of a minimum of 56 Palestinian, four Israeli, and three Lebanese journalists and media workers.

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