The value of technology to the small business

To paraphrase a common saying, “There are indeed not enough hours in the day” if you own a small business. Your days are jam-packed with tasks like proposal writing and client meetings. You also have to deal with a slew of emails and paperwork. Feelings of anxiety and exhaustion are common.

However, there is a plethora of options; how can you determine which is ideal for your company? This page will provide information on some helpful resources.

First, let’s discuss the justifications for why a company of any size would benefit from investing in technological resources. To begin, technology can help you reclaim your time for better use. 

1. Software for Managing Projects

In order to maintain track of many moving parts, project management software is crucial. You can now digitally (rather than physically) keep track of your activities, appointments, and due 

dates with the help of these applications.

These applications allow you to schedule automatic reminders for things like future meetings, deadlines, and other events. These technologies can also notify other team members of upcoming deadlines and other tasks, ensuring that everyone is on the same page. For instance, if you run a sign firm and are still smarting from the transition to Creative Cloud, you require certain technological resources. Although Illustrator is essential, it does not come cheap or with a smooth learning curve.

We love using Trello as a project management tool.


There is a straightforward cost structure, and you can create boards, cards, and lists with an unlimited number of collaborators. It’s compatible with any system, and it even functions on mobile gadgets.


As a free member, your maximum file size limit for attachments is 10 MB. In the event of an emergency or data loss, you will not be able to re-import your data into Trello. (You can mitigate some of this danger using the Rewind Backups for Trello Power-Up.)

E-Signature Software

Electronic signature technologies facilitate the signing of contracts and agreements with many parties online. You simply upload your papers and enter the recipients’ email addresses. People’s email inboxes will then receive the documents.

The majority of electronic signature programs also allow you to send automatic reminders to everyone who hasn’t signed by a certain date. E-signature solutions are more eco-friendly because they eliminate the need for paper. Additionally, they benefit remote and dispersed workplaces. When it comes to digitally signing papers online, DocuSign is a top choice.


It is possible to set up an administrator who will be in charge of delegating and monitoring all document signing tasks and users.

Groups signing up to do specific jobs.


Adobe now has a free signature option, thus this seems excessively high-priced.

The setup process is complicated, and the tool takes a while to reply.

 Email Advertising

Digital email marketing platforms make it simple to keep customers informed about company news, sales, and other promotions via email.You may save time and effort by having these programs create social media email newsletters for you.


It is possible to conduct split tests and segment users into very specific groups.

Provides information on the metrics and analytics used in the campaign.


Sometimes messages intended for Gmail subscribers wind up in the Trash instead.

As the number of viewers increases, so does the price.

Customer relationship management (CRM)

CRM provides a centralized hub for monitoring, controlling, and reporting on all consumer communications. It might reveal which of your emails or website visitors actually opened them. When this happens, you know you’ve gone too long without contacting a very valuable client. Relationship management software analyzes the information it gathers and provides periodical “temperature checks” on your connections. They can also provide advice on what to do next to maintain their success.

HubSpot is a great tool for making a lasting impression on your clientele.


Competence in keeping tabs on clients and interpreting their needs.

Superior assistance for customers.


Email has limited options for sending video.

The user interface is boring and lacks any variety in terms of color schemes.

Human Resource Management

Very few startups can afford to employ a human resources manager, let alone one on a full-time basis. Human resource management software handles everything from payroll and shift scheduling to communication with employees. The value of technology to the small business is undoubtedly crucial.


Excellent for companies that don’t have much need for more sophisticated human resources tools or payroll systems.

Service that is both rapid and pleasant for the customer.


The prices are a bit steep.

There isn’t a corresponding smartphone app.

Accounting software

Online accounting software does most of the work that a human accountant or bookkeeper would undertake. This includes things like sending out invoices, maintaining track of receipts, and completing the necessary paperwork for tax returns.


Simple in design and operation.

Integration with other apps is simple.


There aren’t enough stock-control methods

When compared to the desktop version, QuickBooks Online’s report builder is lacking in functionality.

 Collaboration and communication

As your company expands, communication methods like email and phone conversations may become cumbersome. Modern digital technologies for communication and collaboration allow for instantaneous chatting and file sharing.

In conclusion: The value of technology to the small business

These resources for small enterprises are by no means exhaustive. Your financial commitment will depend on the company’s age, sector, budget, and digital resources. The time and effort you save by using these solutions to automate formerly manual processes is immeasurable.

Additionally, they can assist you in catering to the need/desire for people to work/run businesses remotely in a post-pandemic society. If you want to get the most out of your money, you need stay abreast of new features and functions.

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