Suspect identified in alkali attack in south London

Police are seeking an individual with “significant” right-sided facial injuries in connection with an alkali attack in south London.

The 35-year-old Abdul Shakoor Ezedi was last seen by police on Caledonian Road in north London; members of the public are advised not to approach him.

According to the police, Mr. Ezedi travelled from the Newcastle area to London.

The mother and daughter who were exposed to the corrosive substance may have sustained “life-altering” injuries during the assault.

The patients, a 31-year-old woman and her daughters, aged three and eight, continue to be hospitalised.

On Wednesday night, the suspect fled the scene in Clapham.

Attempting to escape in a vehicle, he collided with a stationary object before fleeing on foot.

Although police believe the suspect is known to the family, the nature of their relationship remains unclear at this time.

On Thursday, Superintendent Gabriel Cameron told reporters that while he did not have any information on Mr. Ezedi’s possible motivation, he was “absolutely certain” he would be apprehended.

He mentioned that Mr. Ezedi was from the Newcastle area, and the Hyundai found at the scene belonged to him.

Superintendent Cameron added that the police may have recognised him.

Urgent Manhunt After Corrosive Attack

The Metropolitan Police stated earlier on Thursday, “While this appears to be a targeted attack, he is a dangerous individual, and we urgently need to locate him.”

Twelve people were injured in total during the attack. Three of the four bystanders who attempted to help were taken to hospital with injuries; two were women in their 30s and one in her 50s. Police said they “bravely came to the aid of the family,” and they were released from the hospital.

On Thursday, just before 19:30 GMT, the London Ambulance Service dispatched a response team consisting of three ambulance crews to the scene after receiving a call about an incident near Clapham Common.

A man in his fifties who had sustained minor injuries at the scene declined medical treatment.

Five officers who were injured responding to the incident have been discharged from the hospital after treatment.

Met Police Chief Sir Mark Rowley stated that some of the burns sustained by the mother and her daughters in the attack were “considerable in size,” but he added that he did not yet have a complete picture of their injuries.

They were attacked at 19:25 on Wednesday evening on Lesser Avenue, near Clapham Common. The police were called in response to reports of a possible “corrosive substance” assault.

The mother reportedly cried “I can’t see, I can’t see” as a witness tried to assist her.

Community Responds to Violent Incident

Two Lesser Avenue homeowners ran into the street after hearing a call for help after a car crash.

“When we came out and saw this individual, he forcefully removed a female passenger and struck her to the ground twice,” said an unidentified man.

The witness saw the attacked woman and “ran inside to get water and just sprayed her down with water.”

He described seeing what appeared to be severe injuries on her face.

The companion of the witness, who had assisted one of the children involved and sustained minor burns, was taken to the hospital but was later released.

Anyone who witnessed the incident is urged to contact the police at 101 with the reference number CAD 7790/31Jan. They also ask drivers and locals to check their doorbell and dash cams for footage of the person fleeing.

Police say a crime scene has been established and will likely remain in place for some time.

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