PlayStation and PS5 Black Friday Deals 2023: Sales Expected

PlayStation devotees are preparing to take advantage of extraordinary savings during this yearly sales event, Black Friday 2023. Within the domain of video game contracts, enthusiasts of PlayStation frequently discover themselves in an advantageous position. Sony usually offers big discounts on its first-party hardware and games during the holidays, so we’re in luck.

Additionally, Black Friday is that golden period of the year when some of the most popular PlayStation titles are marked down significantly. Price reductions of $20 or more are anticipated for critically acclaimed video games such as God of War, Uncharted, The Last of Us, and Spider-Man, mirroring the recent October Prime Day sales. In addition, throughout the holiday season, we anticipate additional PS5 console discounts in conjunction with the launch of the PS5 ‘Slim’ model.

You’re here for Black Friday PlayStation gear, accessories, and games. Consider the following that PlayStation enthusiasts can anticipate.

Anticipated PS5 Black Friday Game Deals

Sony has consistently offered discounts on its titles during Black Friday. In contrast to Nintendo, many of their titles are frequently available at significant discounts during the busiest shopping season.

God of War: Ragnarok, Horizon Forbidden West, The Last of Us: Part 1, Ghost of Tsushima, and many other titles were available at exorbitant discounts during the October Prime Day sales. We anticipate that the bargains will continue to be at least as good, if not better, in the coming weeks.

Preliminary speculation suggests that Black Friday 2023 may see the return of several PlayStation games for $29 each, in addition to minor price reductions on more recent titles such as Spider-Man 2.

Anticipated PS5 Black Friday Accessory Deals

When on sale, the PlayStation DualSense Controller is among the most coveted PlayStation accessories. A considerable $20-$25 off its regular price, it was offered at a reduced price of $49.99 during Black Friday of the previous year. If this deal returns, it will be hard to beat for the rest of the year.

For PlayStation Store game downloaders, M.2 Gaming SSDs are essential. These cheap PS5-compatible SSDs have made it likely that many of us have upgraded our storage in recent months. If you haven’t done so and are waiting for a fresh offer, we’ll likely see more bargains. 2TB SSDs are anticipated to cost between $80 and $90, while 1TB SSDs will cost $50 or less.

Anticipated PS5 Black Friday Console Deals

A PS5 Black Friday bargain is likely as Sony prepares to release its ‘Slim’ PlayStation model. Sony’s inclination to allow thousands of consoles to be wasted is highly improbable. Thus, the corporation is likely to offer considerable inventory discounts before or after the PS5 Slim debut. As a result, we recommend that you follow our social media channels @IGNDeals in order to be informed of any potential PS5 disc or digital discounts; another significant bundle or deal may be forthcoming.

Where to Find Black Friday PS5 Deals

We will supply an abundance of links to the best PlayStation bargains available on Black Friday. You can anticipate discovering them at this location. When seeking PlayStation titles, one can anticipate discovering appealing discounts at retailers such as Best Buy, Amazon, and comparable establishments. Most of the above merchants including the PlayStation Store, accessible from the console, sell digital PlayStation games.

An equivalent prediction can be made regarding PlayStation accessories, such as controllers and headsets, which are probable to be significantly discounted at these well-known retail establishments.

Next week marks the beginning of the Best Buy Black Friday sale (with paid members already receiving early access to select offers), and the Walmart and Amazon Black Friday sales are likely to follow shortly thereafter. Additionally, if our predictions for Switch pique your interest, you can learn what to anticipate from Nintendo on Black Friday.

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