Planes collide, leave hole at New Chitose Airport

Officials report that the incident occurred at approximately 5.30 p.m. local time, as the Korean Air aircraft was making preparations to depart.

At a Japanese aerodrome, two aircraft collided, resulting in wing damage to one of them.

A Cathay Pacific aircraft collided with a Korean Air aircraft carrying 289 passengers and personnel at New Chitose Airport on the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido on Tuesday, according to a Korean Air official.

The incident occurred at approximately 5.30 p.m. local time, the airline official said, as the Korean Air aircraft was preparing to take off.

Kyodo News reports that the Cathay Pacific aircraft, which was in a stationary state at the moment of the accident, was devoid of any occupants.

According to a spokesperson for the local fire department, neither fire nor petroleum leaks were detected, and NTV of Japan reported that there were no injuries.

Towing Mishap at Japanese Airport

The incident occurred when a towing vehicle, which was repositioning the Korean Air aircraft before takeoff, slipped due to snow on the ground, according to a Korean Air representative.

This caused the left wing of the aircraft to collide with the right rear wing of the Cathay Pacific aircraft.

When Reuters contacted airport and Cathay Pacific representatives, they received no responses at that time.

A frigid snap is occurring in the northern region of Japan, which is accompanied by snowfall and temperatures of -7C (19F).

NTV images indicate that snowfall was occurring at the airport during the collision.

A collision between a coastguard aircraft and a Japan Airlines (JAL) aircraft as the latter prepared to land at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport claimed the lives of five individuals earlier this month.

A fire caused airline passengers to evacuate via emergency exit after the aforementioned disaster, the cause of which is presently under investigation.

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