Mone’s assets frozen in PPE Medpro investigation

The couple’s spokesman stated that the action was taken as part of a “consensual process” to “accelerate the proof of their innocence” in the wake of allegations concerning government contracts for personal protective equipment (PPE) during the pandemic.

The couple has confirmed that Lady Baroness The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has placed a freeze on a portion of the assets owned by Michelle Mone and her spouse.

A spokesperson for the two individuals stated that the action was taken as part of a “consensual process” to “accelerate the proof of their innocence” amid an investigation into personal protective equipment (PPE) contracts with the government during the pandemic.

Baroness Mone acknowledged last month that she had erred in her denial that she had any affiliations with the consortium PPE Medpro, which was awarded contracts worth over £200 million and was led by her husband, Doug Barrowman.

Furthermore, she has acknowledged that her family stands to gain financially from the company’s £60 million in profits.

Baroness Mone, a 2015 House of Lords elevation, was a Conservative peer until the controversy caused the removal of her whip.

The admission follows the Financial Times (FT) revelation that the couple’s assets worth £75 million had been frozen.

The publication said that the order covered fifteen bank accounts, a six-bedroom London apartment, and an Isle of Man estate. A prohibition on the couple selling a portion of their property is among the restrictions.

Social Media Statement and Reactions

Baroness Mone shared the FT article on social media on Friday, accompanied by a statement from the couple’s representative.

It stated, “This is the outcome of an agreement reached through negotiations with the CPS during a consensual process.”

“It permits the Barrowman family’s broader enterprises and assets to function in a regular manner, devoid of any constraints or uncertainties.”

“Because Doug and Michelle did not contest the application and willingly surrender these assets, they can expedite the process of establishing their innocence.”

Mr. Barrowman is appalled that government agencies and the CPS are leaking such private information.

It is common knowledge that the CPS does not consider leakage advantageous.

Baroness Mone amassed a considerable fortune in the lingerie sector before her peer status.

Contracts were allocated to PPE Medpro to provide PPE in 2020, the initial year of the COVID-19 pandemic. The National Crime Agency, also called the FBI of the United Kingdom, has established an inquiry into the transaction.

The epidemic created a “VIP lane” for lawmakers and government officials to submit private PPE bids to the government. However, Baroness Mone stated that she first learned of this access through reading about it.

Baroness Mone’s Involvement and Contracts

Attorneys for the businesswoman stated in November 2020 that she had “no affiliation with PPE Medpro,” according to The Guardian. However, she acknowledged she had ties to the firm a year ago and “regretted” her initial statement.

She stated, “Every entity, including the government, the emergency team, the cabinet team, the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC), and the National Health Service (NHS), was aware of my participation.”

The legal team advised my spouse and me to refrain from commenting on or discussing my participation in PPE Medpro.

She said she proposed the company’s name and that it “obtained the contracts on its own merits,” denying any treatment.

The UK parliament website states that PPE Medpro was established on May 12, 2020. On June 12, it received its initial contract, valued at £81 million, for providing 210 million face masks.

Baroness Mone claimed that Mr Sunak was aware of her participation.

The DHSC awarded a second contract worth £122 million on June 26 for the supply of sterile surgical garments.

Since then, the department has initiated legal action for breach of contract regarding the gown supply agreement for 2020.

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