Mocked as ‘half dead,’ London’s annual Norwegian Christmas tree

  • Norway’s annual Christmas tree
  • Criticized for missing sections
  • Defended as a tradition

Norway’s yearly benevolence to London since 1947 is in recognition of the country’s assistance throughout the Second World War. It has, however, been the target of ridicule for decades.

Trafalgar Square’s Christmas tree for this year is missing sections and appears “virginal,” as evidenced by social media comments and pedestrian observations.

The tall spruce, which has been relocated to its customary location in the heart of London in preparation for the holiday season, has been met with disapproval from some individuals not charmed by its aesthetic.

On X, one user commented, “That’s only half the tree.”

Another individual inquired, “Where is the remaining half of it?”

One individual responded, “Does it appear to be dead, or is it me?”

In response to the criticism, an official X account controlled by Westminster Council stated, “It is not always about appearances; this is a lovely tradition that I sincerely hope will endure for many years.”

Norwegians have sent it to London annually since 1947 to thank them for their World War II aid.

It has, however, been the target of ridicule for decades.

It was previously described as “ropey” and “spindly.”

On the other hand, some defended it on Monday via social media: “The disregard for tradition is extremely irritating.”

Another commented, “They consistently express negative sentiments! Shouldn’t everyone appear exhausted after a lengthy journey? Allow it some time to improve!”

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