Latam flight: 12 treated after ‘technical’ issue mid-air

A “strong movement” induced by a “technical event” resulted in the injuries of multiple passengers on a Latam Airlines flight.

After a “quick little drop,” the aircraft “just froze,” according to one passenger who spoke to the New Zealand Herald.

The airline stated that seven passengers and three crew members were transported to the hospital following their arrival in Auckland; however, their injuries were not considered severe.

According to emergency services, twelve individuals were transported to the hospital; one patient was in critical condition.

The incident occurred on Monday while the Boeing 787 Dreamliner was en route from Sydney to Auckland.

Several passengers reportedly experienced a sudden descent of the aircraft during the voyage. As a result, several passengers were ejected from their seats and struck their skulls against the ceiling of the plane.Latam flight: 12 treated after 'technical' issue mid-air

The airline issued the following statement: “Latam expresses sincere remorse for any inconvenience and distress this situation may have caused its passengers and reaffirms its dedication to safety as a top priority by its operational standards.”

Concerning the “technical event” and its cause, specifics remain unknown.

At the airport, emergency response teams have been deployed. They stated that approximately fifty patients had been “evaluated and treated” thus far.

According to Radio New Zealand, some passengers were not fastening their seatbelts, as cited by one of those on board.

An additional passenger made a visual observation of individuals “flying around” and noted the presence of blood drippings on the ceiling.

The aircraft was slated to travel from Auckland to the South American carrier’s headquarters in Santiago, the capital of Chile. RNZ reported that the flight had been canceled, and a replacement flight was scheduled for Tuesday.

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