‘I don’t recall,’ says Ivanka Trump in her father’s New York fraud trial

Ivanka Trump repeatedly stated, “I don’t recall,” in a New York court on Wednesday while testifying in her father’s $250 million fraud trial and being questioned about transactions that prosecutors allege demonstrate the Trump Organization knowingly misled lenders.

Following her siblings’ and father’s frequently disorderly testimonies, the eldest daughter of Trump delivered a composed, composed performance. She noted that it had been over a year since she had been employed by the family business and stated that she could not recall many particular conversations but added, “I have no reason to doubt it.”

However, similar to her father and siblings, she invariably stated that she could not recall particulars regarding particular transactions or conversations. She stated, “There were numerous emails and conversations.”

The trial is merely one in a series that the leading Republican candidate for president must contend with. In criminal proceedings at the state level, Trump has faced 91 counts of felony charges in Georgia, New York, Florida, and Washington.

The attorney general of New York is attempting to establish that for the purpose of obtaining favorable loans, the Trump family and other executives willfully inflated Trump’s wealth.

Ivanka Trump’s Role in Deutsche Bank Loan

During one exchange, the private wealth management division of Deutsche Bank presented Ivanka Trump with a succession of emails and other documents related to a loan. The loan was dependent on Trump’s ability to sustain its value at or above $3 billion. Ivanka Trump negotiated a reduction in the net worth covenant to $2.5 billion in response to concerns raised by a Trump attorney.

“The terms cannot get any better than this,” Ivanka Trump remarked in 2011. “Let’s talk immediately.” In the same year, Donald Trump estimated his net worth to be $4.2 billion. Trump, according to the prosecution, was not worth $2 billion at the time.

“I cannot recall,” she replied in response to a question regarding multiple emails and documents that demonstrated she was instrumental in securing financing for the Trump Organization. “I don’t recall.”

Trump replied, “In general, I am aware that the loan stipulated a personal guarantee requirement and a sequence of obligations that were duly completed by the team in adherence to the stipulations.” The Old Post Office building in Washington, DC, later became the Trump International hotel.

Legal Battles and Allegations

The attorneys for Trump argued that Deutsche Bank was ecstatic to conduct business with the Trump family and that the bank extended favorable loans in an effort to win them over. One of its top bankers, according to Ivanka Trump, “expressed tremendous excitement to have our account.” Deutsche Bank severed ties with Trump in 2021, following the attack on the United States Capitol on January 6, which claimed his life.

Ivanka Trump requested removal from the prosecution’s witness list from the court last month; however, her request was denied. Ivanka Trump attempted to assert that testifying in court during the academic week would subject her to “undue hardship.” The attorney general’s office rescheduled Trump’s eldest daughter’s appearance in court before the former president himself took the stand due to her appeal.

The case formerly named Ivanka Trump, her father, and two adult siblings as co-defendants.

The grounds for dismissal were that the statute of limitations had expired for her involvement with the Trump Organization.

Judge Arthur Engoron deemed Trump guilty prior to the commencement of the trial for inflating the valuation of his assets on state financial statements used to broker deals and obtain loans. Although Trump’s team is appealing the decision, if the appellate court rules in favor of Engoron, he risks losing his state business licenses. The trial concluded, and authorities will require Trump to pay a sanction. Prosecutors are seeking a minimum of $250 million.

Family Dynamics and Legal Maneuvers

Until 2017, Ivanka Trump held a senior executive position at the Trump Organization, where she collaborated with her siblings Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump. However, she resigned to provide support to her father at the White House. Similar to her siblings, she assisted her father in negotiating agreements with lenders for the company’s real estate development.

Last week, siblings Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump provided testimony in which they maintained a professional distance from the financial statements that have become the subject of the case, despite the existence of numerous documents indicating that they, on occasion, consulted regarding the statements’ financial representations.

Trump has refrained from attending any of his children’s courtroom testimony. Prior to his daughter’s scheduled appearance, he once more harshly criticized the judge and the attorney general of New York, Letitia James, who filed the lawsuit against him. On his social media platform, Truth Social, he referred to James, who is Black, as “corrupt and racist.”

Ivanka Trump has taken steps to disassociate herself from the family enterprise subsequent to her own election loss. She retained her own solicitors in April for the New York case.

In prior testimony, Trump’s eldest daughter has also deviated from the family line. In 2022, she disclosed to investigators investigating the January 6 Capitol uprising that, despite her father’s irate insistence, she did not believe the election had been stolen.

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