Havertz’s late goal puts Arsenal top, Frank fumes

The sole individual on his knees within the Arsenal half, encircling his ears while daring to provoke the traveling Brentford supporters, experienced the same palpable sense of relief that encircled the Emirates Stadium as Kai Havertz’s late winner entered the net.

Aaron Ramsdale appeared to have single-handedly cost his team the Premier League lead with a colossal error for most of the match. Nonetheless, as the home crowd grew more apprehensive with each passing minute, Arsenal secured a pivotal – and contentious – victory to secure the lead over Manchester City before Sunday afternoon’s matchup between Liverpool and City.

It was appropriate that Havertz emerged victorious, considering his impressive run of form that culminated in the ground singing “Havertz” in response to the final siren.

Mikel Arteta admitted, “It would have been hard to believe if someone had told me in the first two or three months of the season that the entire stadium would be singing his song with that much fervor.”

Thomas Frank, his opposite number, was less than impressed. Havertz, who was already booked, appeared to fall to the ground in the 66th minute inside the Brentford penalty area in response to a challenge from Nathan Collins that made no contact.

However, the referee did not penalize the attempt to deceive him.

“The dive was crystal clear,” Frank remarked. “Had he received a red card for that, he would not have been able to score the game-winning goal.” Havertz should not have been on the field when he scored.

Havertz's late goal puts Arsenal top, Frank fumes

Among those who were more appreciative was the lesser-spotted Ramsdale. Loan regulations allowed him even more fortunately to make just his second Premier League appearance since early September. That too was against Brentford, when loanee David Raya could not face his parent club.

Aiming at a probable future away from the Emirates, the unpopular goalkeeper would have been frantic to attract attention. Certainly, he accomplished that, but in the most disastrous fashion conceivable.

Ramsdale’s Error Costs Arsenal

Arsenal dominated nearly every first-half strike; therefore, the 1-0 lead they held in the dying minute of stoppage time in the first half barely reflected the gap between the two teams. However, just as the referee was considering calling an end to the game, Ramsdale dropped a miss that will undoubtedly end any remaining aspirations of reviving his Arsenal career, notwithstanding the two outstanding saves he made in the second half.

When Gabriel returned the ball to Ramsdale, he was not under any duress, and his initial touch was adequate to select the target of his choosing; however, his processing speed was significantly delayed.

He ultimately paid the price for his protracted possession of the ball when the determined Yoane Wissa positioned himself before his considerably delayed clearance. While the ball ricocheted back toward his goal and entered the vacant net, Ramsdale paused to consider the repercussions of his error. David Raya, you are a complete shithole, chanted the jubilant traveling supporters.

They had endured a dreadful first half until that point, fortunate to trail by only one goal. Ben White, whom Bukayo Saka had given the ball to, delivered a deft cross for Declan Rice to devour with malice. His preamble was resolute.

Ramsdale’s Redemption and Late Drama

Ten minutes after halftime, seeking a routine second half, Ramsdale sprang into action to counter Ivan Toney’s wickedly bounding first-time shot from 35 yards out. It appeared destined to soar over Ramsdale, who was positioned near the penalty spot, but his futile attempt to retract his body in time to prevent the ball from being touched at full stretch.

Amid a progressively agitated home crowd, Arsenal came within a whisker on two occasions via Gabriel’s header, presented at the goalline. Rice’s long-range shot curled against the intersection of the crossbar and post.

Ramsdale, who appeared determined to complete every entry on his matchday bingo card, made an outstanding save to prevent Collins from scoring with his header. As the window of opportunity closed, Havertz released the champagne.

“I am ecstatic, particularly because he is a courageous individual with a tremendous personality,” Arteta said of Ramsdale, the final Arsenal player to leave the Emirates field, after addressing each section of the audience.

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