California’s first Cybertruck crash, hit head-on by Toyota, reported

  • Cybertruck survives head-on collision
  • Toyota Corolla heavily damaged
  • Elon Musk’s claims validated

Elon Musk has consistently praised the Cybertruck’s “extraordinary durability and strength,” and the inaugural collision involving the novel electric vehicle might validate his claims.

A Toyota Corolla and futuristic car crashed in Palo Alto on Thursday, sending the California Highway Patrol there.

While the Cybertruck, which had minor dents, was on the road, the destroyed Japanese car was in the woods.

When the Toyota driver made a right turn and encountered a patch of soil in the embankment, the vehicle was redirected onto the road and into the opposing lane, where it collided with the Cybertruck.

“The Tesla Cybertruck was not operating in autonomous mode, as indicated by the fact that only the driver sustained a suspected minor injury and declined medical transportation,” the police report states.

The preliminary investigation conducted by the California Highway Patrol, which was made available to The Autopian, stated: “[The] Corolla was in the southbound direction on SR-35 [Skyline Boulevard] south of Page Mill Road, operating at an undetermined speed, when the driver abruptly reversed to the right and collided with a dirt embankment on the right shoulder for unidentified reasons.”

Reports say it was foggy and moist when the Toyota driver made an arbitrary right turn.

Additionally, The Verge reported that the driver’s age was seventeen.

According to the police statement, a San Francisco Tesla engineer drove the Texas-licensed Cybertruck.

Reddit User Witnesses Cybertruck Collision

A motorist who was traversing the identical road witnessed the collision and subsequently uploaded images of the damaged vehicles to Reddit.

Reddit user Boddhya initially thought the Cybertruck was between the lanes and thought it was a crash.

“Therefore, I began to accelerate until I saw the Corolla carefully snoozing on the upcoming side of the road. That was the real deal; I slowed down once more, but traffic was behind me. So I was unable to stop.” Thus, a distance existed between the vehicle and the Corolla. “It was evident that there was no immediate assistance available due to the nascent nature of the situation,” the post continues.

Additionally, the bystander noted that the incident transpired at 2:05 pm PT on Skyline Boulevard. Approximately a half-mile away from the Page Mill Road intersection.

“After the collision, authorities were notified via automatic text message, and a Midpeninsula Ranger was dispatched to the scene of the incident,” the source disclosed.

Musk’s ‘Apocalypse-Proof’ Claim Tested

Elon Musk, who has proclaimed the Cybertruck to be “apocalypse-proof,” has tested it in multiple demonstrations. During these demonstrations, he was fired upon with a Tommy gun, a 45-millimeter gun, and a nine-millimeter gun.

Joe Rogan was recently challenged by the CEO of Tesla to attempt to penetrate the vehicle’s side with an arrow.

“Is it possible to strike it with an arrow?” Rogan stated, “I’m willing to try my hand at it,” in the 2,054th episode of The Joe Rogan Experience.

Musk replied, “It will be fine,” with a modest chuckle. Subsequently, he wagered Rogan one dollar that it would be impossible for him to breach the exterior.

After listening to the show, the men tested Rogan’s request in a warehouse, crashing the arrowhead into the Cybertruck.

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