British families near Gaza fear attacks, won’t leave Israel.

Residents in the British-occupied Gaza border region share persistent fears of rocket attacks and Hamas intrusions. However, they explain their decision to stay in safer parts of Israel.

Beverley Jamil and Steve Malnick reside in Ashkelon, a close-knit expat community situated ten miles north of the Hamas-controlled Palestinian enclave, which often faces militant attacks. In this area, air raid sirens provide only 15 seconds to seek shelter from incoming missiles.

According to Beverley, they secure their homes at night while openly carrying firearms.

British families near Gaza fear attacks, won't leave Israel.

Despite the threats and previous atrocities, they refuse to move to safer areas of Israel.

“This conflict impacts every person in Israel,” she said. “We all know someone who has been killed, captured, or gone missing. The first person I knew who was killed was my best friend’s brother-in-law. He was fatally shot while riding his motorcycle in Sderot on a Saturday morning.”

“Since then, more of my acquaintances have been killed or captured. Nevertheless, I have no intention of leaving Ashkelon. This is my home, where I met my spouse, got married, and raised my daughters.”

Firm Resolve Amidst Adversity

Beverley, originally from Whitefield, Manchester, moved to Israel forty-one years ago after visiting the country as a teenager with her Jewish youth group, where she fell in love with Rueven, who later became her husband.

The couple raised their 26-year-old twin daughters, Noa and Efrat, with whom they currently share a cozy bungalow and three Shih Tzu dogs.

But Saturday’s events destroyed the family. A music event was assaulted by Hamas militants who hurt children and abducted at least 1,300 people, shocking the family.

Reason for the current situation of Philistine and Israel.

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