Anna Politkovskaya: Russian journalist murderer pardoned

His attorney reports that one of the five individuals convicted in connection with the 2006 assassination of Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya has been pardoned following his service in Ukraine.

Former Moscow police officer Sergei Khadzhikurbanov was sentenced to twenty years in prison following a trial in 2014.

His attorney, Alexei Mikhalchik, stated that he was granted the commutation following the completion of a six-month military contract.

The decision was labelled a “monstrous injustice” by Ms. Politkovskaya’s employer and family.

Critic of Russian Government

An investigative journalist and outspoken critic of Russia’s invasion of Chechnya, Ms Politkovskaya was fatally shot in the elevator of her apartment block.

Her diligent examination of Russian atrocities in Chechnya for the newspaper Novaya Gazeta garnered her international acclaim.

However, many in positions of authority were incensed by her articles, which were vehemently critical of the Russian government and President Vladimir Putin, who was in his second term at the time.

The newspaper, Ms. Politkovskaya’s son Ilya, and daughter Vera all stated in a joint statement that none of them had been notified of the pardon, and furthermore, no efforts were being made to apprehend the remaining murder suspects. The individual who issued the execution has yet to be identified.

Controversy Surrounding Pardon

This ‘pardon’ does not represent the murderer’s atonement or regret in our eyes, according to the statement.

Injustice and lawlessness persist, desecrating the memory of a woman murdered for her professional views.

Khadzhikurbanov was convicted of facilitating the assassination through logistical assistance.

His attorney told AFP that [Khadzhikurbanov] was invited to execute a contract to participate in the special military operation as a member of the special forces.

Upon the expiration of the contract, he was granted parole by presidential decree.

Wagner mercenaries pioneered recruiting criminals to fight in Ukraine, but the Russian Ministry of Defence appears to have exceeded them.

Rustam Makhmudov was sentenced to life in prison at his 2014 murder trial for the act of pressing the trigger.

Lom-Ali Gaitukayev, one of those convicted of orchestrating the assassination of Ms. Politkovskaya, was likewise sentenced to life in prison.

Dzhabrail and Ibragim, the two brothers of Makhmudov, were condemned to 14 and 12 years in a penal colony, respectively.

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