African football’s head wants Mali FA president out of jail.

The president of the Confederation of African Football (CAF) has stated that it is his “obligation” to secure the release of the president of the Malian football federation (FEMAFOOT) from prison, where he is being detained on suspicion of forgery and embezzlement of public funds.

Motsepe’s Pledge and FIFA’s Code of Ethics

Patrice Motsepe stated, in remarks that may violate FIFA’s code of ethics, that CAF and he were “regularly conversing” with Malian authorities regarding Mamatou Touré’s “extrication” from prison.

Touré’s Detention and Legal Troubles

Touré, an influential member of the FIFA council, remains in detention in Bamako following his denial of bail last week, subsequent to a public prosecution appeal. The Malian government indicted him on August 9, on suspicion of allegedly misappropriating $28 million (£22.4 million) from the state coffers while he was a director of finance and administration in the national assembly of Mali. Touré, who was in prison at the time of the charges, was re-elected FEMAFOOT president in September.

Motsepe’s Advocacy and Ethical Concerns

Motsepe, the president of CAF since 2021 and a South African mining magnate, emphasised his support for Touré during a press conference on October 13 in Abidjan, Nigeria, at the African Cup of Nations draw.

“On behalf of our brother, convey our sincere condolences today. He remains in our thoughts and emotions,” Motsepe said of the 66-year-old CAF executive committee member. We are consistently adhering to ethical and legal procedures in our efforts to secure his release from incarceration. It is both my responsibility and the collective responsibility of all of us in CAF.”

A CAF spokesperson responded that the organisation upheld the rule of law and judicial processes in all African countries. He stated, “CAF endorses the application of suitable legal measures in accordance with judicial and international standards of excellence.” Dr. Motsepe, the president of CAF, reaffirmed this dedication to legal and ethical procedures. “Based on the press conference remarks, which we have reviewed once more. There is not a shred of evidence supporting the assertion that ‘interference’ has occurred.”

Maintaining Neutrality and Ethics

Officials shall… maintain political neutrality in their interactions with government institutions, national and international organizations, associations, and groupings; act in a manner consistent with their function and integrity; and do so in accordance with the principles and objectives of FIFA, the confederations, associations, leagues, and clubs.

FIFPro and victims attacked Motsepe for visiting Gabon’s football federation leader in prison to provide solidarity in September. Pierre-Alain Mounguengui faces charges of failing to disclose coach sexual abuse in Gabon. There is no evidence to imply that Mounguengui himself has been charged with sexual abuse. His stance regarding the allegations is unknown.

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