Living in Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC): A Community Guide

Trinity By Deca at Arjan

Launched in 2005 in the heart of Dubai Jumeirah Village Circle is considered the most eligible and perfect family-oriented community in the entire city. The beautifully planned and developed community includes more than 2000 villas, townhouses, and apartments with high-quality amenities offered to make the residents’ lives easy at JVC.  In this blog, we will see a complete guide to Jumeirah Village Circle. 

What’s Life at Jumeirah Village Circle 

The lifestyle at Jumeirah Village Circle is somehow similar to what’s in Dubai Marina or Downtown Dubai. However, it can be said that JVC offers more opportunities and benefits as compared to theirs. 

If you are someone looking for a family-oriented community where you can access the serenity & beauty of nature along with all modern and technologically advanced services and facilities under your knee. 

Then you must consider this option. This is one such place that offers you the scenic beauty of spacious and airy lush green parks along with shopping complexes, fitness centers, and other amenities under one community. It’s so nice to see that JVC keeps in mind each aspect of families and therefore creates and produces services as per their needs and choices. 

A Complete Guide to Lifestyle at JVC 

The Calm Lifestyle 

As stated above with the modern amenities residents also get to experience and understand nature closely with huge greenery being present all across the area. Luxury living and modernity have become a part of everyone’s life just like greenery and nature are also crucial parts of a human’s life. With so much deforestation and environmental cruelty, people are losing out on it. 

So if you are thinking you will completely engage in a city lifestyle where anybody can breathe you are wrong. Jumeirah Village Circle is going to work as a moment of pause in your life, a place where you can come manifest and spend a lot of time close to nature observing what you are missing in the busy schedule of your life. 

A Vast Array of Facilities 

Jumeirah Village Circle is being developed with world-class services and amenities to offer residents over here a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle. They have everything for everyone starting from jogging tracks to big parks filled with various kinds of plants and trees, kids’ play and fitness centers along with landscape gardens are also there that allow residents to unwrap and relax. 

There are various kinds of housing opportunities offered as per the requirement and budget. From huge 5-bedroom villas to 2-bedroom apartments developed with modern architecture and advanced amenities.  Additionally, few properties even include high-end facilities such as private pools, balconies, private lawns, and more. 

Besides this, there are other amenities such as schools, healthcare sectors, Universities, Kinder Garden, malls, and shopping complexes as well which enhance the lifestyle of people at Jumeirah Village Circle. Entertainment options such as Dubai Miracle Garden, Skydive, Wild Water Park, and Butterfly Garden are present close to the neighborhood. 

Community Events 

From time to time festivals, community events and other functions are being organized in this area that allows residents to network and communicate with other fellow residents and thus make the bond among the people stronger. Therefore, gives rise to a tensile and evident residential community. From movie screenings, exhibitions, and different types of festivals there’s always something or the other happening at JVC. 

Trinity by Deca: Popular Residential Development 

Trinity by Deca is the latest and most popular residential development in a 17-storey high-rise tower developed by DECA. This new residential development is a well-planned project featuring modern amenities specially curated to offer residents a luxurious, convenient, and comfortable lifestyle. 

The apartments are built with quality finishes, beautiful interior designs, and high-end fittings and fixtures. Additionally, each unit here consists of a fully modular and equipped kitchen with advanced appliances from top brands along with spacious living rooms and bedrooms with attached bathrooms and a private balcony. 


This is a complete guide to Jumeirah Village Circle, one of the best communities in Dubai to live in with your family. We hope you love what is being offered by Jumeirah Village Circle. Thus, for more content related to real estate do follow our blog page.

That said if you still have doubts stirring up in your mind do not hesitate to contact the Top Luxury Property . We will be glad to assist you with any queries you have. 

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