Inside the Udyam Registration Portal: A User’s Guide

Inside the Udyam Registration Portal: A User's Guide

The Udyam Registration portal, launched by the Government of India, is a vital platform for entrepreneurs and businesses looking to register themselves as Micro, Small, or Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). It streamlines the registration process and offers numerous benefits to registered entities. In this user’s guide, we will take you inside the Udyam Registration portal, providing step-by-step instructions on navigating the platform and completing your registration.

Step 1: Access the Portal

To begin your Udyam Registration Portal, visit the website:

Step 2: New User Registration

If you are a new user, you need to click on the “For New Entrepreneurs who are not Registered yet as MSME” button. If you are already registered and need to update or print your certificate, you can use the other options provided on the portal.

Step 3: Aadhaar Verification

  • Enter your 12-digit Aadhaar Number and the Name of the Entrepreneur, as mentioned on the Aadhaar Card.
  • Click on “Validate & Generate OTP.”
  • You will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number linked to your Aadhaar. Enter the OTP for verification.

Step 4: Entrepreneur Details

  • After Aadhaar verification, you need to fill in your personal details, such as your name, gender, social category, and physically handicapped status.
  • Provide your PAN (Permanent Account Number) and your complete postal address, including the state and district.

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Step 5: Enterprise Details

  • Enter the name of your enterprise, which should match your PAN card details.
  • Choose the type of organization, such as Proprietorship, Partnership, Hindu Undivided Family (HUF), Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), or Private Limited Company.
  • Specify the location of your enterprise, including its address and contact details.

Step 6: Bank Details

  • Enter your bank account number and the IFS code of your bank.
  • Select the main business activity of your enterprise from the National Industrial Classification (NIC) code list.

Step 7: Plant and Machinery/Equipment Details

  • Provide the cost of plant and machinery or equipment in your enterprise.
  • You can include the value of your existing and proposed machinery.

Step 8: DIC Information

  • If you have received any assistance or support from the District Industries Centre (DIC), you can provide the details here. Otherwise, leave it blank.

Step 9: Additional Details

  • Specify the number of employees currently working in your enterprise.
  • Mention any past registration details under EM-I/II, SSI, or MSME.

Step 10: Verification and Submission

  • Review all the information you have entered.
  • Confirm the correctness of the details provided.
  • Click on “Submit.”
  • You will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number for verification.
  • Enter the OTP to complete the submission.

Step 11: Final Registration

  • After successful submission, you will receive an acknowledgement of your Udyam Registration.
  • You can download the registration certificate from the portal, including your unique Udyam Registration Number (URN).

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Additional Services

The Udyam Registration portal also offers services for updating and printing your registration certificate, as well as verifying the authenticity of any Udyam Registration Number.


The Udyam Registration portal is a user-friendly platform designed to simplify the registration process for MSMEs in India. By following this step-by-step guide, you can navigate the portal with ease and complete your registration, unlocking the numerous benefits and support offered to registered businesses. It’s a significant step towards formalizing your enterprise and accessing various government schemes and initiatives aimed at fostering growth and development in the MSME sector.

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