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This is undoubtedly the most comfortable solution. UK people use this service to furniture moving. Depending on your budget, you can opt for a single all-transport or all-inclusive package, from packing to unpacking. Focus on everything you need to know when hiring a professional mover.

Addressed points

  • What are the obligations of a professional mover?
  • What documents must the professional mover provide?
  • Professional moving: what responsibility in the event of damage?
  • What are the obligations of a professional mover?

This is a regulated profession, must be registered in the trade and companies register, as well as in the transport and rental register. Furthermore, the removals Birmingham must:

  • provide proof of success in a professional examination (or diploma equivalence);
  • meet the conditions of good repute;
  • demonstrate financial capacity.

How much does a professional move cost?

A simple move (transporting your belongings from your old home to your new one) of 18 m3 costs around £900. Expect more than £1,500 for an all-inclusive service (packing, transport, unpacking). Factors such as the distance between two accommodations or the number of floors to be climbed can vary the amount of the bill.

What documents must the professional mover provide?

A detailed quote on the specific conditions of the move;

the general conditions applicable to its service.

The quote provided must contain a certain amount of mandatory information. These include:

references from the Birmingham movers company;

  • your contact details;
  • the date and place of the service;
  • the delivery address;
  • the exact distance to travel between the two accommodations;
  • services included in the moving contract;
  • volume;

To establish this quote, the professional mover must come to your home to confirm the volume of your  move , as well as the conditions for your furniture moving. He must also find out about the configuration of the new accommodation (elevator, floor, accessibility).

Once the quote has been established, you must sign it the first time when loading your furniture, then once the move is complete.

Is the price mentioned in the quote firm and final?

The mover is responsible for his quote. It can therefore under no circumstances modify the price or charge additional costs following, for example, an incorrect evaluation of the volume of your removals Birmingham furniture. Be careful though, if you fail to declare certain furniture or provide incorrect information, the mover has the right to increase its price. Same thing if you’re not ready on moving day.

Professional moving: what responsibility in the event of damage?

The professional mover is responsible in the event of loss, breakage or delay in delivery. However, its liability is limited to the total value of removal companies Birmingham the furniture, as well as the maximum value per object. It is essential to carefully complete the value declaration form provided by the service provider, in order to accurately assess the amounts covered.

following a case of force manure: bad weather or a strike, for example;

by your fault: bad packaging, for example;

due to a defect specific to the damaged object: if, for example, one of your pieces of furniture is in poor condition before transport.

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