Fiinovation CSR and Sandvik Collaborate for Phytoremediation Project

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In a significant stride towards environmental sustainability, Innovative Project Management Services Pvt Ltd (Fiinovation CSR Consultancy), a distinguished player in the CSR domain, has partnered with Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology Pvt Ltd for a groundbreaking phytoremediation project. The initiative is set to make a positive impact in the mining regions of Rajasmand and Udaipur in the picturesque state of Rajasthan.

This collaborative effort marks a continuation of the successful projects undertaken by Fiinovation CSR and Sandvik in the industrial zones of Hyderabad and Pune. Aligned with Sandvik’s ambitious goal to reduce its carbon footprint by 2030, the project leverages the transformative power of phytoremediation. The primary objective is to enhance the environmental conditions of the targeted areas through the strategic planting of 50,000 saplings.

Fiinovation CSR Project + Arpan Seva Sansthan

Fiinovation CSR, with partner Arpan Seva Sansthan, a Udaipur-based NGO, will lead on-ground activities and provide technical support. Dr. Subh Karan Singh, President of Arpan Seva Sansthan, highlighted the initiative’s importance, noting that planting 50,000 saplings near dumping yards will aid phytoremediation, removing contaminants and maintaining ecological balance.

Dr. Soumitro Chakraborty, Fiinovation CEO (Innovative Project Management Services Pvt Ltd), shared his insights on the project, stating, “The partnership provides a unique opportunity for all stakeholders to reflect on the root causes of climate change. This intervention reflects our commitment to creating a positive social impact and sets the stage for actions that lead to a sustainable future.”

Phytoremediation, central to this initiative, uses plants and microorganisms to remove toxic substances from the environment. Trees in the project improve soil conditions and regulate the water table by absorbing or degrading heavy metal contaminants. The project, through carbon sequestration, creates carbon sinks, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and enhancing the region’s air quality.

The phytoremediation project in Rajasthan highlights the importance of collaboration between corporations and NGOs for positive change. Its impact goes beyond environmental restoration, showcasing sustainable practices and responsible corporate citizenship.

Reach of Fiinovation CSR Activities

The profound impact of the Fiinovation CSR and Sandvik collaboration is not confined to the immediate ecological restoration of the mining areas. It resonates as a beacon guiding the way toward a future marked by conscientious and sustainable development. The commitment to plant 50,000 saplings is symbolic of a broader vision. The vision is an investment not just in the immediate green cover but in the holistic well-being of the communities in and around Rajasmand and Udaipur.

This collaborative effort acts as a catalyst for positive change. Thus, weaving together the strengths of corporate expertise and the passion of NGOs dedicated to environmental and social causes. Beyond the tangible outcomes of the phytoremediation process, the project fosters a sense of shared responsibility for environmental stewardship.

Fiinovation CSR and Sandvik are planting 50,000 saplings, not just for a one-time project but to nurture a sustainable future. The commitment to phytoremediation recognizes ongoing environmental conservation, needing sustained efforts and a long-term vision. Fiinovation CSR Consultancy happens to be one of the top successful CSR companies based out of Delhi. The work that they do, is very satisfactory. Be it for scouting NGOs, helping in the proper execution and implementation of the projects, the Fiinovation CSR Consultancy offers a one-stop solution that the Corporates and NGOs are looking for.

Analytics: Unveiling Insights for Informed Decision-Making

Fiinovation employs a robust analytics framework, utilizing data-driven insights to guide its clients towards impactful interventions. This encompasses:


Through thorough assessments, Fiinovation evaluates the current CSR landscape, identifying key areas where interventions can create a significant and sustainable impact. These assessments serve as a foundation for informed decision-making, ensuring that resources are directed towards initiatives that align with both organizational and societal goals.

Research Studies

Fiinovation conducts in-depth research studies to gain a nuanced understanding of the social issues at hand. This includes market research, stakeholder analysis, and impact assessments, providing clients with a holistic view of the challenges and opportunities within their chosen focus areas.

Social Return On Investment (SROI)

Measuring social impact is a crucial aspect of any CSR initiative. Fiinovation utilizes the SROI framework to quantify the social, environmental, and economic benefits generated by its clients’ projects. This data-driven approach enables organizations to assess the true value of their CSR investments and optimize future strategies.

Grant Management: Nurturing Collaborations for Lasting Impact

Fiinovation’s grant management services focus on fostering effective partnerships and managing donor relationships to ensure sustained support for CSR initiatives.

Partnership Management

Building and maintaining strategic partnerships is integral to the success of CSR projects. Fiinovation facilitates collaborations between businesses, NGOs, government bodies, and local communities, fostering synergies that amplify the impact of interventions.

Donor Management

Effective donor management is essential for the continuity of CSR initiatives. Fiinovation assists organizations in cultivating strong relationships with donors, ensuring transparent communication and accountability. This, in turn, enhances the likelihood of sustained funding for social initiatives.

Programme Management: From Vision to Implementation

Fiinovation provides end-to-end program management services, guiding organizations from the conceptualization of CSR initiatives to their successful implementation.

Proposal Research Laboratory: Crafting Impactful Strategies

The Proposal Research Laboratory at Fiinovation is a creative hub where innovative and impactful project proposals are developed. This process involves meticulous research, strategic planning, and a focus on addressing specific societal needs.

Project Optimization: Enhancing Impact and Efficiency

Fiinovation believes in continuous improvement. Through project optimization, the consultancy identifies opportunities for refinement, ensuring that ongoing initiatives are efficient, scalable, and aligned with the evolving needs of the communities they serve.

In conclusion, Fiinovation sets itself apart as a catalyst for meaningful social change. By combining analytics, grant management, program management, proposal research, and project optimization, Fiinovation empowers organizations to make a lasting difference in the world. As businesses increasingly recognize the importance of CSR in shaping a sustainable future, Fiinovation stands ready to guide them on a transformative journey toward impactful and purpose-driven initiatives.

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